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VK TIP 146 : Remove Evil Eye of your child with VK

Golden Sunrise to all
I am sharing an amazing VK tip, we all are familiar how Mothers and Grandmothers use to remove Evil Eyes and negative energies of Children.
VK can also remove Evil Eye of your Child with a simple request.

Hold your VK in both Palms and Prey
" O DIVINE VK PLEASE REMOVE ALL NEGATIVE ENERGIES AND EVIL EYES OF MY CHILD." For Now and Forever Repeat 3 times and keep your VK aside for next 30 minutes.

You can also use ALL CLEAR SERUM and HANUMAN CHALISA to remove evil eye and negative energies.
Also protect your child with SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS with VK.

Gratitudes to SHARAT SIR for Divine Healing Tool VK.


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