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Need help for marital bliss

Golden Sunrise Mentors...
I have an issue with my husband and his family.we are living in a joint family .my husband doesn't respect me nor he cares .insults me and compares me with his brother's wife all the time . He always thinks about her and protect her always .I feel left out always.sometimes I feel that he is doing all this intentionally to hurt me. My mother in law is so cunning and always play politics .she doesn't want that our relation should go smooth . He is mama's boy and listen to her and his bhabhi all the time whether they are right or wrong.i think no sister in law in the world gets involved in brother in law as she does. He is so damn addicted to his bhabhi for everything .he shares everything with her and discloses every single talks which we do and share with each other . He always prioritise her in everything whether her looks her behaviour her and asks me to be like her in every manner ..he always belittle me . His attitude is draining me so badly and I have been in depressing mood all the time with this I am not concentrating on my kids .I am always crying . I have many times thought of leaving him and his family but when I think of my children I have to take my step back. I don't know where I am lacking ... Why my love is short for him ...not a single day goes where he , her mother n and his bhabhi remain at peace. Always interferes.He doesn't listen against his bhabhi at all whether she is right or wrong. He always lies to me . I have discussed this issue several times with him but no solution.
I am giving golden sunrise,one soul serum, love serum ,shield of 7 rays and all clear serum from past 2 months to our relationship . And also giving anti addiction serum and all clear serum to my husband and his bhabhi to get rid of her.But I don't find any solution.
Plz help me in this ..what else should I do to get rid of this behaviour and he starts understanding me and we Start living in a Harmony and peaceful loving life.
Plz divine souls help me in this.


  • Sister in law talks a lot of negative about me all the time .she always fills his ears with negativity about me .. I don't know y he comes in her talks all the time .he accepts and agrees whatever she says ..and boasts her.
    I don't know how to solve this conflict . They don't speak in front of me so that I can give them my clarifications . And my husband says that nobody tells me about you.They do back bitting always.there have been times where we had serious fights because of her .. but again things were always taken for granted. Plz guide how should I solveall this matter.
  • @Richa
    What are you doing to improve your own energy and to protect your relationship with VK
    Check the full article of LOVE SERUM
  • Ma'am I am giving one soul serum love serum shield of seven rays all clear serum to relationship .. from more than 2 months but I didn't find any positive change instead things are happening more ... Plz guide me what should I do ..
  • For my own energy I am not doing anything
  • @Richa
    Read the article of Love Serum. Check what you should do for yourself.
    Also Sir guides mental healing takes its course.
    Check Sirs guidance in VK tips on mental healing
    If the situation is more intense and more older, energy need is high.
    If you count days you are creating anxiety for yourself and making your own energy weak.
  • Ok ma'am ... I will read it... Can u tell me should I keep continue with the above mentioned energies for the relationship.and anti addiction serum n all clear serum for the unwanted interference of family members ..
  • @Richa
    All guidance is explained very well by Sir. You need to read the full article and hyperlinks in it
  • @Richa
    From personal experience I want to say that when you do healing for this kind of chronic problems the situation sometimes gets worse( this is what it feels like) but remember it's some sort of negative energy which has created those problems at first place.
    Once we start healing the situation with some positive energies it's those negative energies which fight back and want those positive counteracts to get away from their way.
    This is the time when you have to be patient( easier said than done I know) and continue healing by increasing the frequency
    Explore by taking Shield of 7 rays for yourself every day before sending the healing to other issues
    And as Rakhi didi said do some healing for yourself as well as explained in the article
    Hope you will get out of this very soon
    Golden Sunrise
  • Thankyou Rakhi ma'am and Barinder ma'am for such a valuable information ..
    With your blessings I will definately come out of this soon.. :)
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