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VK Tip 145 : Healing alcohol addiction by Chakra cleansing using VK

edited January 2021 in VK TIPS
One of my close friend was very upset as her husband who used to be only occasional drinker became addicted to alcohol due to some family issues leading him to depression like situation.
She was really very upset and told me that it's too hard to cope with his alcoholism as he is not willing to listen anything and she also mentioned that he wants to stop drinking but can't help it due to prevailing family issues.
This friend knows about VK healing but won't believe it as according to her whatever is written in destiny will happen and you can't change it but she was really really upset as well
I decided that I will try to help her by not even mentioning to her either
I wrote on piece of paper "All the bottles of alcohol which xyz going to drink in 24 hours" and started sending the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE ALL CLEAR SERUM and ANTI ADDICTION SERUM to it
Because of the other issues I am trying to heal I was able to send this healing only once or twice
One day I was doing meditation and I got strong intuition that I should do Psychic surgery of SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA of this person as this will help him to get out of addiction
So from that day I started doing this as well twice a day
And in one month's time the results are amazing
He is back to normal as my friend rang me over New year I just asked her how is her husband and she said something like miracle has happened and his husband is getting back to normal
I haven't mentioned to her anything about VK healing but I am happy that my divine VK has helped in this particular situation
I will continue healing for some more time as a remission therapy
I am really thankful to VK and to @SharatSir for bringing VK into our lives


  • I am sure the addiction will vanish with your Healing definitely.
    Thankyou mam for sharing your experience
    This is something wonderful VK gives you sign to clear Solar Plexus chakra. Chakras are also called as Energy Centres.
    Solar plexus is the Third Chakra from bottom located at upperside of Belly. Apart from its physical activity it Governs Will power, Self Esteem and Emotions and that is must for any kind of Addiction and Healing to rejoice a person back to his self worth.
    Golde Sunrise to your Efforts for Helping others even without their much consent for what good Good you are Doing.
  • Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with all of us. Getting a sign from VK is a sign that you are perfectly connected with VK. It is also a sign that you have developed your abilities to become a VK Teacher. I am sure, your experience will definitely motivate others.

  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher
    Just amazing idea and connection with VK.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts.
    Thank you for sharing.
  • Golden Sunrise

    Thank you Angel for sharing beautiful experience. Iam truely inspired and get motivated after reading such wonderful experiences.
    I have read about Chakra healing long back and effects of underactive and over active chakras, their symptoms manifestation on physical level, and emotional level. Solar plexus is connected to our Self Esteem , Self Worth , Joy Happiness, optimism etc . Before VK came into my life, I use to wear crystals to work on my chakras. But now My VK Master is "All In One Healer "
    Thanks to Sharat Sir
  • Thanks a lot @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher sir, @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher di, @Sarita12 and @SharatSir for all your encouragement
    VK has vast healing possibilities and I feel so much grateful to be surrounded by people in team Litairian and especially to sir as you people have knowledge comparable to the depth of ocean
    3 years back I didn't know anything about being spiritual, what are chakras or cosmic healing or any other healing modality but since VK came to my life everyday I am Learning and experiencing something new
    I know it's long way to learn but why worry when VK is there
    Thanks once again
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher Ji,
    It's really a innovative way to deal with addiction healing.

    Thank You Sharat Sir.
    Thank You VKay.
    Thank You Universe.
    Thank You Divine.
    Thank You TEAM.

  • Wow Amazing tip. Golden Sunrise.
  • Wonderful experience. Chakra healing through VK.

  • Thankuu maam so so much
  • Wow. Amazing experience. Thank you for sharing ????????
  • Such a selfless act of true friendship. Your friend is so lucky to have you. The world is a better place because of your unconditional love. Be blessed always.
  • Thanks for sharing
    What a great job you have done
  • Great effort! Thanks for sharing your experience with Divine VK!
  • Wow..lovely..thanks for sharing
  • Thank you for sharing, your experience is motivating with Divine VK. So much more to learn.
  • Thank you for sharing a wonderful experience with us Thank you for your kind heart ❤️.Thank you VK Thank. You Universe ????
  • Wow!! Thank you for sharing this amazing experience. Got an extra knowledge on how to use it powerfully. ????????❤️
  • Thank you very much for sharing ????????.
    Similarly can I de-addict from my age old Tea addiction. Comments please ????????
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