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How to align self with VK?

I am a new VK user. How can I align myself my energy/intentions with VK?


  • Golden Sunrise @Surbhi24 Congratulations to you for VK and welocme to world of infinite possibilities with divine VK.
    First of all i request you to please read VK BASICS post along with all hyper link also watch VK Procedures videos and read Cosmic Serums article on website. This will help to you use VK better and to become a self independent VK Healer that is Sharat Sir's mission for all VK users.
    You can always use search option before writing any query as there are Hundereds of Discussion in this litiarian forum with similar queries it will save your time also and you can find an answer instantly.
  • As per your query please read this discussion in link which is found with searching keyword "Align"
  • Thank you ????
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