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Entity Attack / Dark forces and Black Magic

hello VK Masters,

I got a few tarot readings and psychic reading sessions for my brother (mentally handicapped) and my parents who are living a very disturbed life and all 3 readings said that my brother is possessed with multiple entities, the house that they live in is under attack from dark forces and there is severe Black Magic done by someone else. Please help me! How can I use Vk to provide relief and protection to the entire family and the house.

what sequence of serums can I use to send to their photograph (I don't live with them). Or is there a more powerful way?

in deep gratitude


  • Hi @agankur
    You will be able to find answer to your question in the following link
  • Thank you very much. Gratitude and Light to you!

  • @agankur ji
    Pls charge their food, water consumed by them today and clothes worn by them today with
    Everyday do the above healing...
    This is as per my knowledge

    Read this article...
    Pls mimick the energy of Lord DUSHTANAASHAK to your home, parents and brother.
  • @Gayathri Do you explore this mimicking of Dushtnashak with VK.
    Please share your experience it will benefit many VK users.
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher sir

    DUSHTANAASHAK is an angel.
    Lord Shiva, Durga mata, Kali mata, Lord Hanuman and Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman have mixed their energies and a new angel is born.
    This was given to a healer. Her name is Neethu Jha mam.
    I have taken the attunement Of DUSHTANAASHAK from her.
    The Lord very powerful.

    I always mimick DUSHTANAASHAK healing procedure using VK.
  • DUSHTANAASHAK is as dear to me as our lovely Divine VK.

    DUSHTANAASHAK mainly removes evil eyes, black magic, negative entities, Psychic attacks as Energy of Lord Hanuman and MAA Kali are present in him.

    We can mimick his energies just like we mimick lord Hanuman energy.

    Generally I give
    to my son for protection when he's scared during sleep or waking hours.

    VK mimicking feature has made our life very simple.

    Heartfelt gratitude to Sharat sir, Divine VK and VK team...
  • I forgot to mention Archangel Michael's energy is also included in DUSHTANAASHAK energy.
  • With due regards to all healers , I feel if any new energy is to be mimicked with VK , then it should be done with safety and security when we dont have full information.

    Taking energy of HANUMAN CHALISA is always best and safe. The knowledge comes from our ancient scriptures. And it is known to work in every yug.

    My personal view is to directly take energies of Deities as its pure through VK.
  • Thankyou for your guidance Rakhi didi. Yes you are absolutely right we should follow our scriptures when it comes about deities.
    @Gayathri ji My opinion for you is just explore with only "Dusthnaaashak energy " with VK (with safety and security) without adding any another energy and check the results.
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher sir

    When my both VKs are busy in healing, I just call DUSHTANAASHAK to be my side. It always worked.
    I mimick DUSHTANAASHAK energy using VK also. This also always works for me.
    Thank you sir

    @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher mam

    Thank you for the guidance mam.
    I just wanted to help Ankur ji by informing him about DUSHTANAASHAK. I thought this information might help him.
    Because I had many good personal experiences.

    But when we have doubt, its best to follow the ancient scriptures and take hanuman energies or other deities energies directly using VK.
    Thank you mam
  • @Gayathri
    Thank you. We appreciate your help and discussion. You must share and help people.

    I am not sure about energies in DUSHTANAASHAK mixture. .the word means killing of dushta. Dushta in marathi means evil wrong wicked sinful.

    VK would give effect of word itself too.

    Its like a switchword in marathi.

    Great sharing. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your helping attitude.
  • Tim someone who does not have a VK call on Dushikanaashk

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