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edited August 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
As i have studied reiki ,angels ,crystals,other therapies ...till date i was just helping friends ,family...but always wanted to help others .Day i got vk i discussed this dream with vk sir told me work with vk ..practice n u wl able ,i got my vk in aug first week ,once i git vk lot of other things which made me occupied but suddenly in november i felt i have to plan it properly by 27th nov i decide date 3rd of dec as full moon day....openly in fb i announed it N started sending serum for event by 3rd morning just two gave their node for healing ,that very moment i gave healing to situation by All Clear Serum,+sheild of 7 rays+Total wealth Serum+ benefits of both envolved in session+ Golden sunrise . I took Total Wealth Serum and Alpha Woman Serum frequently. to my surprise i start getting call n i was busy till 10 that day with 5 distant healing,3 walkin healing...experience with vk healing them was awesome i felt each n every person pain area n even my patients felt energy flow...
thanks sir for helping n everytime answering my query .thanks vk.thanks rakhiji for always b patient n explaning each n every thing so elabratingly.


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