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How to test VK..... if its working !!!

Some people are doubtful....they get doubts is vk working now...can u suggest some simple test or command with which people can check its working and gets assured that it is working


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Lakshika,
    Taste plain drinking water. Then charge it with GAYATRI MANTRA and taste again.
    See if there is any difference.
    Or charge with any Cosmic Serum say PERFECT HEALTH SERUM and check the difference in taste.

    Thank You

  • Thanks but sometimes it tastes same...then ?

  • Then you can do with some other energy and check

  • Thanks alot.
  • There is a test which help.

    hold VK in between you hands and start requesting for healing a problem in your life.

    like -> "Increase my performance in my JOB"

    keep repeating it continuously for 5-10 minutes, you will feel DIVINE VK heating up intensely.

  • Thanks Ashish for sharing your experience
  • I alwazs feel Heart beats in Divine VK, though i hold it or i just touch it when worn it alwazs happens :blush:
    This has also been experienced by people who don't use VK.

  • Thank u for ur Thanks <3

  • The first time I felt Vk is working is when I started rotating Vk in front of my dad's feet. He experiences restlless leg syndrome. In few minutes he asked me to remove Vk as he felt immense heat coming from it.

    Then I tried a small experiment . I dipped one hand in water and charged it with anti tan energy and kept the other hand out. After few minutes there was a considerable difference in the shades of both the hands. Some may argue that it would anyways happen if you dip one hand in water. Then try sending direct energy of anti tan with safety and security to one hand and see the difference.

    If you have any pain and you send Pain Care Serum to yourself , you will feel the effect immediately.

    When you are tired, try sending yourself the energy of massage or request Vk to give you a massage of that area and feel the change immediately.

    Request Vk and place on a name or any wish . Keep your hand over it and you can feel heat. Or rotate Vk on your hand imagining a person or any issue. You will feel the heat in your hand.

    These are some of the ways in which any person can feel that there is something different about this kada and its not just a normal steel kada.

  • Thank you Suchita for sharing your experiences

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE to all. I too wanna know how to feel VK. I have tried above written experiments but still I am unable to feel it. Sometimes, I too become confused that is it really working or not. Please show me the right path

    Sharat Sir will make and share a Demo video on this. Please wait for this.

    Thank You

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE.... every one it would be very cool if Sharat Sir makes a Demo video on this it will boost confidence of all new VK users.

    I'm not sure but it takes some 2 to 3 months of time for VK to align with a person please correct me if wrong. Coming to serums I've been taking it from 7 days now and will continue till I get results.

    One thing for sure after VK your way of thinking will definitely change towards positive.

  • Chinnu ,
    Thanks for sharing about your positive feeling with VK
    There is no time period defined for aligning of VK with user.

    VK helped me from day 1 !!!

    I know some users got aligned with VK, when it was in transit.....even before reaching them......Amazing isn't it !!

    Please don't limit yourself with the thought of how much time it takes to have particular result. Just energise and allow it to act.

  • This is awesome.... thanks :)

  • Thanks Rakhi di. It would be really great if Sharat sir will make a demo video for this
  • I just tried VK in my hand and chanted my desire (with belief) and yes I felt heat intensely in the VK. Golden Sunrise.

  • @Rinki, will make a video soon...

  • thank you everyone!! great question & information here!!! xo ;-)

  • I had tested as suggested by Ashish sir, I could feel d heat
  • I believe VK means a tool which translates our vibbes/emotions and you can ask from VK what you feel but most of all is trust and once you trust it from the depth of your heart and have an emotional contact with it, You get all the symptoms. Remember Its a cosmic energy and that works on trust and if you have it trust it with full energy and heart and then you will see amazing results.

    This is based on my personal experiences.

  • @Shrinath

    Thanks for sharing your views.

    VK even works beyond the faith of the user. Many VK users are surprised that it works beyond their faith.

    But when it is done with faith, there is a strong intention created from within to VK. And VK follows strong positive intentions. The manifestation happens faster.

    Another factor is Surrender .....when you leave the wish to the Universe, you allow it to work for you without adding any further negative emotions.

    Some work with VK but keep on adding more negative emotions, so VK has to work even on those negative emotions, which may actually delay the manifestation of desires !!

  • Hi ma'am I tried doing it I didn't felt heat form Vk @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
  • @Deepali_Shah28 Heat is just one of the feeling felt by VK users, it's unique for everyone. Sometimes I felt heat, but most of the time I felt cooling sensation.

  • @Deepali_Shah28

    We pray to Divine but do we feel the presence of Divine everytime. Do we feel the Divine blessings in the same way everytime.

    Divine Blessings are with us every moment but most of the people would thank Divine only when they feel that what they desired or expected is fulfilled.

    Those who thank Divine 24 × 7 irrespective of what happens in their life....they feel Divine Presence throughout the day.

    Why i have given you this example is it depends on the alignment to VK of the person who uses it , it also depends on the sensitivity of sense organs . Sometimes it depends on psychic abilities of the user.

    It also depends on the situation of the receiver. If there is too much pain of negativity in receiver...VK gets hot or even slips from the hand.

    So everytime VK may not get hot.

    I was healing a person for pain in neck when i rotated VK with chanting of PAIN CARE SERUM , VK started getting heavier i could not do much rotations...This means energy need was high.

    i took a pause of few sec and then started VO with GOLDEN SUNRISE, I felt the same VK getting lighter instead.

    Here the persons had pain due to some negative emotions probably so GOLDEN SUNRISE was working faster.

    I feel taste of Gayatri mantra charged water smoky. But sometimes i dont feel any taste.

    Also remember feeling VK is not only on sensations , its also on feeling emotions...sometimes after some requests people feel at peace or lighter or happier.

    Like a Sales person who was a VK user could not sense any of the sensory signals thru VK. But he gave a simple request to have more sales in morning. By afternoon there was a big rush of clients and sales was more than 150 % of daily normal sales. He felt very happy. So more than senses for some ppl ...emotions are felt.

    People who get into the anxiety of feeling VK often miss the multiple ways of using and enjoying VK.

    Give it a time and just go on doing your VK experiments.

    A small baby who is 2.5 yr requests VK GOLDEN SUNRISE to clear the traffic and her parents are amazed at the results.

    I went for shopping and i didnt buy a certain item because i felt it was overpriced. But i still liked it....

    Next week i got a similar item at almost 1/3 rd the price and it was of a better quality...and it just came in front of me on a showcase of a shop while i was passing from there for some other work and not for shopping.

    I can just go on writing on examples...

    So do try requesting VK for small wishes and feel them happening.

    Every person is unique ....and their experiences also happen in uniquely.

  • OK thanks for great explanation n make me understand @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher @Anit Nayak - Supportive VK Teacher
  • Golden Sunrise @Deepali_Shah28
    As Rakhi ji advised, please do not limit your observations/feelings, everyone may feel it in their own unique way. @GOLDEN_Ashish felt heat, some feel cold vibrations, some have felt like a current on their fingertips and so on. Feelings might be different as it depends.

    Lot has been already explained, but still appreciate this quarry from @Lakshika, as it might be a quest from several others, who might be hesitating to put it forth. Allow me to opine please.

    VK is a Cosmic tool and we all aspire to become a Healer. I have a question - All who did not felt VK, have had a doubt that "Is VK working?" How many had thought "Have we tried it properly??" or "Did we befriend with/aligned with VK successfully??" or "It might not have materialized this time, but I will keep trying". I stand behind @Shrinath here. A positive thought is required, especially when we are new user who have started their journey to the world of Energy and yet to open an account to add to innumerable VK success stories (testimony of achievements made by other healers), surely we require to believe in the technique. A doubt may change to weariness, and it may still change to "Lets see" kind of thing and a healer-to-be may be deprived of being.

    But simultaneously, I do second to Rakhi ji's comment too, that VK also supports beyond faith, although one needs to understand why. There is a difference between a person who is a non-believer/ignorant and one who has inculcated a doubt or feels a need to test what he/she has opted to follow. Let me tell you a short story -

    Long ago, in a village at the foothill of Himalayas, Suketu & Shrikant were bosom friends. They blindly trusted each other, in-spite having different nature. While Suketu was a staunch believer of God, Shrikant was an Atheist. Suketu would visit the Temple on the hilltop everyday and Shrikant, though shall accompany him, would mock at him and the God. One day, while returning from the Temple, Shrikant asked Suketu, as to how powerful his God could be. Suketu replied that God is almighty and protector of the mankind. In a mood to test, Shrikant asked, if he jumps from the hill, would his God save him. Suketu answered "Why not. I strongly believe, He would". Shrikant said, "I don't believe in God, but surely I believe in you. If you say so, lets try", and without any warning, he jumped off the hill. Behold !! the Lord appeared, holding Shrikant in his arms and restoring him on the ground. Suketu was spell bound. Tears rolling on his cheeks, he bowed to the Lord and said, "O Lord !! I worshiped you every day, without fail, but you never came to my dreams even. But today you appeared and held my Atheist friend, who has always mocked at you.....How??"

    The Lord with a divine smile explained "O my son Suketu, you worship was a training of mind given to you relating to my being. You performed the rituals but in the back of mind, you never thought I would ever appear before you......most of the mortals think likewise, they ask for everything but are never confident on their worship. But your friend, Shrikant was so confident on your belief, that I will come to save him, jumped off the hill. This is what made me appear.

    By the above story, I imply that, situation of a non-believer or an ignorant person, is already as a surrendered person. He is not testing VK. He is just trying a he gets a result without having faith. We all have experienced that when we heal a person, who doesn't even know he is being healed, gets faith required because there is no doubt there. But when we try to see defects in performance of VK instead of correcting ourselves, finding ways or trying again, we become a student who tells his father that Central Board of Education has prepared our study course poorly and thus I failed.

    By explaining above, I definitely do not mean to discourage anyone or hold their question as not worthy. It is an important FAQ and needs to be posed and cleared, but it will be cleared by oneself. My suggestion, try once again, with the subject in your mind. Establish that we are not using a Hair Dryer but an Energy tool for which people undergo a full length coarse to practise properlly. We are getting into the world of Energy, so we must bear a spiritual consciousness too. I am sure you will find the difference this time.

    Happy Healing to all

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam even i tried this experiment today just to share my results here so i charged my water with golden sunrise + study serum + brain serum + mood up serum + balance serum and this time i told my mom to try and share me what taste are you feeling so first she drank the normal water and after that she drank the charged water and she asked me if i kept the water in the fridge i told no i did not keep any of the water in the fridge and i told her to drink one more time and tell me what difference are you feeling i asked my mom now tell me the difference she told me there is no difference in taste but this water is cold it seems like this bottle was kept in the fridge and i was shocked and then i tried normal water first and then i drank from bottle itself but i did not feel the difference in taste and neither i felt the water cold so i was really confused how come the water is cold and i just thought it might me coz i put the water in glass or i felt i could me coz i kept the charged water in the room for many hours but when i touched the bottle the bottle was also not cold

    mam can you please guide me
    1. why i did not feel difference in the taste and neither i felt it cold
    2. why did my mom felt the water is cold
    3. is it that i have too much of negativity coz of that i did not feel the change in water


  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    Different people have different experiences. Do not compare. Its ok if you havnt felt the difference
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam no need to worry right the water is getting charged no ?
  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    If you use VK to charge water, obviously it will be charged.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam i had a small question i have 3 vks now so for example if i want to give study serum to myself if i give the study serum with all the three vks will it be considered as 3 doses ?

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