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How to loose weight ?

edited October 2017 in Health Discussion

Golden sunrise sir ,
I want to loose my body weight quickly please guide how VK can be used .



    1. With VK you can please take a combination of Flab Down Serum + Gym Serum + Alpha Woman Serum + Beauty Serum in Drinking water daily 4 times.
    You can take one sip as one dose . You take using other methods also like direct request/photo/name on paper
    For faster results take these energies more frequently.
    2. You can rub VK on fatty areas of body chanting BEAUTY SERUM daily for few mins. Check this link
    3. You can even apply a cream charged with these serums on fatty areas such as abdomen , arms, hips, thighs so that energy stays there for a longer time.
    4. You can even charge your foods and clothes with this combination.
    5. Please add GOLDEN SUNRISE to all healing for an enhanced effects.
    Check these links on Cosmic Serums for more creative ways of using VK and more information.

    Thank you
    Team VK

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    Thankyou so much rakhi didi

  • Thank you for your thanks Mamta.

    You can also request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE help me to have a perfect body weight and desired body shape now forever

    Do this frequently.

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    Can we watch switchwords video to quick weight loss along with this ?
    Energy of the same can be taken with VK ?

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    Energy of that video can be taken directly

  • Golden sunrise lakshika ji .
    Yes you can watch Switchword videos for weight loss
    And to increase overall feminine beauty video by sharat sir

    U can also activate videos energy direcly for self or others by requesting VK with safety and security intention.

  • I have personally done this and it try and share your experiences!!

    How about being in gratitude mode for our body and attract good features for it with VK.
    Write some gratitudes affirming body skin and hair.
    Take a paper and pen.
    Write GOLDEN SUNRISE on top.
    Then write these gratitudes
    1. I thank you Divine for my perfect body weight.
    2. I thank you Divine for my desired body shape.
    3. I thank you Divine for my glowing radiant skin.
    4 I thank you Divine for my lovely thick black long hair.
    (For men word long can be deleted).
    5. I thank you Divine I enjoy my feminity and perfect figure.
    ( For men : body muscles and masculinity)
    6. I thank you Divine for my beautiful body and charming personality.
    Then write
    Thank you Thank you Thank you
    Your name.
    Read these lines . Hold VK and say this thrice
    O Divine VK GOLDEN SUNRISE to all my gratitudes please send it multiple fold to the Universe
    Or you can say this
    O Divine VK please manifest these affirmations in my life Now

    Either of the two can be done.

    Keep VK on this paper for 30 min.
    You can do this daily or as frequently as you feel to do.
    Gratitude/affirmations with VK will help you to attract these features in your life.

  • Wow thankyou so much for describing it with your experiences rakhi didi . Now i will surely do this and share my experience
  • Thank you for your thanks Mamta.

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