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Received VS with divine grace

I was eagerly waiting for VS to deliver, was checking the track id finally today on friday of karthika month a divine period observed in south as month of divine lights. As a divine light it has entered our lives to brighten us. Today when I was in office the courier person called me and told am waiting outside to deliver the package as it was VS I ran outside to welcome the energies .. I am very sensitive to vibration and he was in 3rd floor and me waiting at 4th , as the delivery person neared me a could feel a gush of energy and when I got it I felt the grace ... I welcomed VS from my heart and kept it in my bag but could feel the energy level of my chamber was changed .. they i drove home my wife opened the package .. she usually does not sense energies but when opened she told something is covering her hands ... I knew this because the energy level is very high even people without sensitivity can feel the difference . In no time our house was floating in the vibrations of VS and I didn't feel like moving away from VS was enjoying the vibes ... thank you universe and sharth sir.. gratitudes Golden Sunrise


  • @Chandreshn
    Congratulations. Enjoy the divinity
    Now you are blessed both with VK and VS.
    Thank you for sharing your 1st family experience with VS.
    Thanks to Sharat Sir for the wonder combination of VK and VS
  • Thank you...
  • Thanks for sharing your lovely experience. Have A Enlightened Life Ahead.
  • Thank you sir... Golden Sunrise
  • So beautifully expressed thankyou for sharing you experience. This remind me same as my VS experience i felt so energised and Divinely attracted to VS when my eyes get first glimpse of Divine tool VS.
    Gratitudes to SharatSir.
  • Wow! I am also eagerly waiting for my VS to be with my family! Golden Sunrise!

  • Wow.. Congratulations....

    I was also waiting for VK. Today I have received my VK. Regularly i was tracking. Today job Mai dtdc office por direct ja kor number dikhaya aour O log track kiya to bola ki kal aap ko sayed milega. Ye sun kor mai thora upset ho geya tha aour mon hi mon bol raha ki aaj bhi nehi ayega mere pas. Ye bat sochke bapos return ahi raha tha aour suddenly Office ka ek admi bola ki rukiye thora dekhete hai, O job table por najor dala to dekha sobse upor VK ka pkt pora huya tha. O admi bola mere ko ki aap ka parcel agiya hai. Ye sun kor itna thanks bola aour khushi bhi bahut huya. ....Thank you Vk.. Thank you Sharat Sir.. Thank you Rakhi Mam with lots of gratitude.
  • I can’t wait to receive my parcel with VS and another Divine VK.
    Been tracking the package since this morning. Its in Adelaide already and custom clearance was cleared. I am excited to welcome VS and VK home soon

    GOLDEN SUNRISE and Gratitude to Divine and Sharat Sir.

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