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Pranpratishthan with VK, broken idols

edited December 2020 in Spirituality Discussion

Greetings Sharat Sir and all VK teachers,

Wishing you a very happy and Prosperous Diwali.

I have 3 questions? Kindly guide.

A] What is Pranprathisthan of a deity? Is it good if we do pranprathisthan of deity or idol that we place at home? I read that... once we do Pranprathisthan for any idol, we have to be extremely careful as the idol has life and running energy of that deity...and so it is normally done only on temple deities.

B]With VK, can we do pranprathisthan of new or existing idols at home in the following sequence?
1] Cleanse the new or old idol with ACS, Gangajal or holy water energy
2] Charge the idol with GS, Prana of the particular deity, Love serum.
3] Shield of 7rays for protecting the energy.

What care do we need to take once we do Pranaprathisthan through VK...if that is possible through above procedure.?

C] If any idol or murti at homes breaks down or develops cracks, Can we clear the energy of that idol with ACS, Gratitude energy and then dispose it off by wrapping appropriately in waste as I feel that throwing it in water or putting it under the soil is a burden on Mother Earth. Kindly advise.

Many Thanks.


  • @Rian
    How do you connect with idols?
    Is it idol for you or is it Divine for you.

    Do you feel disconnected with cracked idols. If so why?
  • Golden Sunrise Greetings Rakhiji ...A very happy and prosperous Dhanteras and Diwali to you..

    If an idol is cracked,chipped or broken, I would not feel good about it...
    Not because... I feel disconnected or Divine connection is missing but I believe everything is energy and idol is subjected to energy which is not of highest good. Besides for will not give good feeling to offer prayers to broken idol...

    However, it is just a query and I have myself not experienced any broken, chipped or cracked idols of deity at home, but have seen n heard many people around expressing fear around this. Mostly people advise to throw in flowing water or keep it under some tree. One can see so many of these just lying here and there on the roads in extremely sorry state.

    Hence asking this question for clarity. Many Thanks.

  • @Rian
    Just as an example
    What if a person who is dear or like family or a pet has broken body or injured or lost an organ. Will the love respect care reduce . Will that broken being also be discarded or feared upon? Will the energy from that person also not be of highest good.
  • Rakhiji,

    Actually it is a debatable subject and depends upon individual preferances.

    Unlike humans and pet animals, which are made of flesh, blood and emotions..... Idols are pieces of elements and matter, which helps humans to focus their mind towards deity and its Divine energy. It is point of connection between Divine energy of deity and the Devotee.

    There might be few people who want to still retain the broken or cracked idol as they are very emotional about it and connect to the energy through that particular piece of idol only which in my opinion is a limited belief.

    There might be another group who is fearful due to influence of Vastu Shastra, and other beliefs system that keeping cracked idols, mirrors, clocks etc drains the energy of the house. They prefer to dispose off in water or bury under Earth.

    My thoughts belong to the third group which will offer gratitude to the broken idol and request VK to transfer not mimick the deity's energy to a new piece with strong intention and believe that it is already done. These are mostly VK users who have strong connection with their VKs and have seen their wishes fulfilled easily by VK. Then dispose off the broken idol respectfully.. which is now just an idol piece without the energy and consider it as a dry waste for recycling.

    Rakhiji these are just my opinions. Thankyou so much for giving time for this part of the query.

  • @Rian
    I appreciate your way of putting the reasoning in the comments above.
    Some of the comments from me were done deliberately to make you express more.
    Sometimes this is the way we get into teaching.

    Now coming to your question.
    1. You are right Pranprathisthan is a ritual followed in temples.
    At temples there are sewaks or sewadhari or people who do every ritual to maintain the purity and worshipping.
    These sewaks are devoting their time and efforts for such reasons.
    At home one may miss to do or take all care to maintain its purity , so it is guided not to do the Pranpratisthan at home.
    2. Pranpratisthan is possible with VK. But as it should not be done at homes we will currently not get into the process.
    3. Regarding idols,
    Breaking of idols , yes you are right they are representative elements of dieties.
    In many cases, it is seen that when broken or cracked idols are kept at home, the corresponding persons in the family will get some trouble at the same place of their body.
    For example if the Goddess idol is broken and still kept in home, the lady of the house may be affected.

    So broken idols or cracked idols can be respectfully disposed. It is generally guided to dispose them in flowing water. Due to water pollution measures which is fair enough, in most of the cities its not allowed to dispose idols in flowing water bodies.

    Like in mumbai, near some water bodies, there are huge pots or kalash, where people deposit used flowers, pooja items, broken cracked or such idols.

    One can express gratitude and dispose off the idol. So its good idea to replace with a new one if the person continues to believe in idol worshipping and wants to have idols.
    You can use All Clear Serum with VK if you feel to remove its negative energy before disposing. But the cracked idol if placed in another home or living space may again show its negative effects.
    These effects are cleared when a Vibbes Seeder is installed in that place.
    But it is still good to dispose such idols.

    With VK one can request to make way for easy respectful disposing of the idol.

    Yes you are right there are some people who get emotionally attached to cracked idols. For them its more related to their mindset. They may not like to view it beyond this point. Unless they get some realisation from someone.

    Another thought process is from Gurbani, what we learn is that Divinity is everywhere and in everything. Here it is guided to just take name of the Lord and pray. Idols are not required. At Gurudwara you may not find any idols.
    I feel this is a divine way to connect to Divine without any medium(idol).
    So one can pray anytime anywhere and feel the divine connection.

    We are all brought up in different cultures and our thoughts keep changing with our environment and learning.
    There are some people who choose to keep pictures of dieties instead of idols so the chance of breaking or cracking is not there.
  • Rakhiji,

    Thankyou so much for the detailed explanation of each and every query that I had put up. I am now very much satisfied with the reply and my doubts are cleared. Thanks for your appreciation on my thought process and pushing the VK user to explore the reasonings of their questions.

    So one has to be mindful that, though there are infinite possiblities with VK including Pranapratishthan, it is better not to venture into it so as to respect the age old traditions,their caretakers and rituals that are performed solely in the temples.

    However,we can easily charge things with our favourite deity's energy as and when we require. Pranprathisthan query had just come into my mind out of inquisitiveness.This was new term that I came across. Thankyou so much for your time on explaining answers to all the 3 queries in such a detail.

    Thankyou @SharatSir for giving us wonderful lifelong friend VK.

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