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Energy circle prepared and kept in computer/Laptop, Will it work 24/7 as EC made in papers.

Dear Sirs,

I am a VK user. Thanks for the beautiful innovation of VK. It makes lot of miracles in my life. I have a doubt. If we make EC in computer or laptop and stored. Will it work 24/7 as EC made in papers? If I activate the ECs which is in laptop by VK, I could feel the flow of energies in my body. So will it work only for the activation time or 24/7.


  • EC kept in PC or Mobile or inside a book or inside a drawer or almirah should be activated 4 times daily so that it will work efficiently. But as per requirement of energy receiver the activation time may be increased to more. Best part is you can activate all the ECs at once, not one by one.

  • @Sathishkumar
    Do share your miracles with VK on forum. Many will be inspired.
  • @Anit Nayak any update on keep EC in mobile phone?

    I hear that phone has to be turned to Airplane mode and then off and on, to remove any static or interface.

    Please do share your experience and process.
  • @Nknk
    An EC is an energy circle broadcasted to the Universe. Some people are activating ECs in phone gallery using VK.
    What you are mentioning in your post is getting effect of broadcasting as such, so it should be exposed to UNiverse.
    What Anit is suggesting is to activate that EC through VK irrespective of its placement.
    Activation of ECs is possible even when they are in phone gallery
    In phone gallery you may not get broadcasting benefit but VK you can still activate them.
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