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Relationship with daughter ineant to see her

Hello and Golden Sunrise,
Please I need some help, I feel I am not requesting With my VK right way.
I have relationship issues with my daughter I have not seen her and her little kids for 3 years now .She will not have any contact with me her mum or any family members this is really a heart ache for me and all of us we are helpless can not reach out to her.
I have my VK now 30 days: I am sending GSR, Love serum , Bach flower rescue remedy, all clear serum, Balance health serum, Hanuman chalisa.
In circle I put my daughters name her kids name, my name all members of family inside circle, I give (One soul serum, love serum, all clear serum.
Their has been no change to this problem , please advise me what i am not doing right here we will really appreciate any advise.
Divine VK is doing miracles otherwise in all my requests from pain taken care, contract for sale, in bus/meetings, bank loan,sleep disorder .
Thanking you all thanking Divine Sharat Ji .


  • @shuntp999

    If the need of energy is more, increase the frequency of healing. Also do not count days in healing as it will only create anxiety in your mind.

    For any healing, one can choose to do with patience and surrender the results to Divine.

  • Thank you Rakhi Ji I appreciate, I will increase the frequency.
    Golden Sunrise

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