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VK Success; Healing a physical wound after a Fall, of a Senior citizen who is a DIABETIC with VK

edited August 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Would post the sequence of events as it took place from Nov 24th. My questions to VK teacher- @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher and her guidance on the same..

On November 24th, 2017

My question in VK FORUM

_Golden Sunrise Sharat Sir and VK teachers,
Kindly guide how to heal a wound completely, with ease, in shortest possible time.. caused due to fall and hitting a sharp object. The person in question is a senior citizen and has hurt himself,on his hand with little cut.. Yesterday, when he fell down, I had sent him Balance Serum, Perfect health SERUM, golden Sunrise, Bravo Serum, All Clear Serum for his whole body and luckily there was no fracture at all and he could easily move around the house...Thanks Vk for that..Today I came to know about the small injury and pain and blood flowing from it...Kindly guide on the same..Thanks

Reply from Rakhiji on November 24th, 2017

You can use BEAUTY SERUM + IMMUNE SERUM + PAIN CARE SERUM + Silver nano gel energy with safety and security .
If the cut is deep, then HEART SERUM too
SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for protection

Its silver particles in a special technology called nano technology. Its very effective,
Silver fights infection and is good for healing skin
VK mimics that very well, i have used it myself

My feedback on December 1st, 2017

_Greetings Rakhiji,
About the above case update, on the following day since the incident happened in the night,when assistant of Doctor came for dressing the wound and checked the wound, he said, that the wound was serious and would turn septic since the patient was diabetic and stitches were not put within 5 hours of injury.. Doctor had asked for patient's sugar report and show the patient to him after 2 days, to take his x-ray and take a call on stitches or minor surgery. Meanwhile, I was sending all energies as mentioned by Rakhiji continously and also prayed to my dieties and Merlin(ascended master) for some miracle. Sugar report was normal and healthy and after two days when doctor checked the patient, he said that there was no need for x-ray or stitches and the wound will heal by regular dressing within 8-9 days and the wound is really healing well..The patient is 84 years of age. No fracture, Good Sugar report although chronic diabetic and no stitches or surgery even though the injury was serious at first ..
Thankyou Rakhiji for guidance , Thankyou Sharat Sir and my friend VK.
This I can call as one of the VK Success Stories..

Analysis by Rakhiji

**Wow. Thats great. Thank you for sharing your happiness and VK success story. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts in helping a senior citizen to recover fast.
To maintain blood sugar, you can send KEY PEN SERUM....
Thank you for your thanks .... I was just wondering that you did not mention about his diabetes in your question post, but healing occurred fast and without need of surgery or stitches.
In diabetes , medically the wound healing is delayed , because when the sugar levels goes high, it causes narrowing of blood vessels, lack of oxygen supply , also affecting immunity.
Here the HEART SERUM has helped taking care of blood flow and IMMUNE SERUM helped to prevent infection....
So energies worked at all levels were required.
Its good learning for all of us. Thank you @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for Cosmic Serums and VK taking care beautifully.



  • @Rian

    Thanks dear for sharing your happiness and posting a detailed VK experience to inspire others.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for amazing ways of healing with VK..... especially a boon for our elders.

    The original post of question is in this link along with hyperlinks to know more

  • I have a little experience to share. My friend had a burn wound near his knee while ironing his cloths. It was wet as water gets accumulated for burn wound. He had to travel abroad next day and was worried as it pained when he wore full trousers. I gave VOB with intention of fast healing. On his return he told me that his wound not only dried but also healed with next 2 days.
  • It seems that immune serum took care of diabetic hence a combination of key pen serum and immune serum will benefit diabetic situation.. thank you for the knowledge
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