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Can't think which new business should I do?

edited October 2017 in Money Discussion

Sir one of my brother is unemployed past 3 years . Before this he was working in a partnership buisness for building material and construction. But the partnership was broken after some money dispute .
Now he needs to do some business to strengthen his financial condition. He is a hardworking person but unable to think for new business idea . He has taken guidance from many astrologers but no results.
How i should request VK to guide him.


    1. Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE GUIDE My brother FOR the BEST BUSINESS IDEA NOW. Keep the intention what is his wish from the biz.....multiple clients daily, fruitful deals, increasing profits and bank accounts, happy and enthusiastic team, deserving life.
    Do this frequently till you get results.
    2. Give a combination of GOLDEN SUNRISE+TOTAL WEALTH SERUM+STUDY SERUM +ALPHA MALE SERUM daily at least 4 times.
    If he feels depressed, sad or low, add MOOD UP SERUM.
    If he is having fear of future or any fear, add BRAVO SERUM.
    3. Ask him to Watch this vision board video by Sharat Sir daily or send its energy through VK.
    4. Give SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to him and his career.

    Thank You

  • Ok thankyou mam for reply.

  • Thank you for your thanks

  • I have been doing these affirmations from Sharat Sir with VK, it has helped me to change my focus to abundance.....

    Lets change our thoughts on prosperity.
    We often focus our lives on scarcity and lack.
    How about thinking about the abundance in Universe for every person.
    There is a lot for everyone in Universe we just have to acknowledge it.

    Write some wealth affirmations today.

    Take a paper and write GOLDEN SUNRISE on top . Then write these affirmations.
    A. Money comes easily and naturally into my life.
    B. The Divine is my constant money provider.
    C. My bank balance is ever increasing.
    D. I always say gratitudes for my richness.
    E. My financial dealings are divinely.
    F. I now bless lavish abundance for myself and for all on the Earth.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you
    Read these lines .
    Hold VK and say
    "VK GOLDEN SUNRISE please manifest these affirmations in my life. "
    Say this 3 times and keep VK on this paper for 30 min. Keep the intention for abundance now and forever
    The energy you created even for others in the last line ....this will boost your own energy as you contribute even for others not being greedy.

    Do this daily or as you feel to do

  • Thankyou mam for the Affirmation and answering in detail
  • Thank you for your thanks Ravi

  • Thank you Rakhiji. This what the world needs , people who not only think about abundance for themselves but for everyone else around them also.

  • @ravi
    You can also use BALANCE SERUM for your brother. This will help him to balance his energy systems.

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