Golden Sunrise!! I need an advise. My IELTS exams are due in October end, but due to office work, I am not able to take out time to prepare much for the exams, I get very limited time to practice. Please suggest what all combination of energies should I request dear VK, so that I get an decent bands( score) in my test.


  • @PriyoGoldenSunrise
    Please use the search option on litairian website and forum

    Must read VK success stories too. You will get wonderful options

    Sharat Sir has taken lot of efforts to write about each Cosmic Serum. He has also given combinations in article.
    We just have to take some efforts to reading and use Search option.

    Sharat Sir guides us not to spoon feed on answers which are easily avaialble in articles. He wants us to look for answers and be independent.
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