EFT through VK

I watched Ms Rakhi's video on how to get EFT using VK. It was quite informative. However I would like to know how to request Vk for some specific issues

1) To strengthen one's memory which has weakened due to old age
2) To heal diabetes and heart issue
3) To stop laziness and procrastination
4) To bring love and harmony in a marital relationship

Thank you very much


  • @Saibisa
    1. If memory loss and heart issues is due to age, use relevant Cosmic Serums.
    For 3 and 4 come up with your suggestions as you have been a VK user for quite sometime.
    You may use search options, check VK tips and Success stories too.

    If your question is for using EFT.. You need to know what are the emotions that need to be released and request accordingly.
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