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Experiences after 2months of MINDFULNESS COURSE

GOLDEN SUNRISE to all i am sharing my experiences with 33 Days Mindfulness Course with Rakhi didi.
I have seen lot more changes in my life after this course one of best experience is my relationships compatibility with all is strengthen a lot. In January month there was my little brother's marriage thanks to the divine that all the ceremonies went great everything happily finished more than the expectations.
During the marriage my uncle ji told me there are lot of complaints from relatives and people for me due to my lack of social appearance in attending other's functions. People attended our function only because of my uncle's Respect and Reputation.
After attending Mindfulness Course my Heart felt more openesss to meet people in society even i am good at behaviour but little shy and introvert type but this Course help me to make a balance between both inner and outer world. I am a different Puneet now not only i am feeling this but my family and people told about this change. I accept people easily as they are without judging anyone and i feel to meet everyone by my Heart.
This relaxed my mind a lot filled a lot of emptiness inside me because know i am aware that both worlds go together hand in hand thats why GOD created us all WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.
Now lockdown are lifted in our area and i have started to go at park again i feel happy in nature the plants, trees and surrounding excites my heart. I greet passer by people in park also and get a lot more smiles and blessings in replies.
Whoa what could be better than this!
Mindfulness Course also help me to manage my Finances well even during this pandemic situation and everything is going smooth. While i waived of 3 months rent of my renters during lockdown it make them happy and they thanked a ton.
My Healing practices with VK are going very well you know when heart is happy the intentions are much more clear and pure so i am more attached to my Divine VK.
Thankyou SharatSir for designing this beautiful Course Heartful Gratitudes i received my E-CERTIFICATE of Completing this Mindfulness Course.
Thankyou Rakhi Didi for Sparing so much time to teach us every topic in detail and Sharing your precise Knowledge and Experiences during each class of Course.


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