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Golden Sunrise to all
I am sharing my experiences of wonderful 33 DAYS MINDFULNESS Training course designed by SharatSir and beautifully teached by Rakhi Didi.
I got awareness for many of my habbits which i was doing un managed and wrong.

I am more attentive to others this also help me to control my reactions it doesn't change my mood to reply in anger or act weird whatever if someone is speaking bad i could avoid it.
I am more confident and energetic now i do my daily routines much consciously and with feeling of oneness in everything.

I am more focus and centred to my life goals yes i can achieve.
I feel more conscious while driving i can judge vehicle giving me side to left or right or not i can see clearly the crossing once but most important thing is i enjoy and don't get irritated in traffic jams or at signals as previously.

Now i am more positive and let go negatives easily.
I am more conscious about my thoughts.
My self love and self care is increased with Mindfulness Exercises and i am proud of myself how wonderful body and life divine given me i appreciate others too.

With Mindfulness i enjoy my food and eating properly which previously i used to swallow food and this habbit change improve my digestion.
I am still practicing and experiencing changes in my life with Mindfulness living.
I Strongly Recommend Everyone Should must Do this MINDFULNESS Course.
Thankyou SharatSir Gratitudes.
Thankyou Rakhi Didi for all the guidance and teaching.


  • I feel connected to every experience as my own... Such a wonderful journey... Happy mindfulness journey.
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for sharing your experiences as a beautiful journey in 33 days of Mindfulness. I too enjoyed with your enthusiasm in practicing every exercise.

    I wish you a GOLDEN SUNRISE life with Mindfulness in every walk.

    Thanks @Chetandurdi for sharing your experiences too. Wish you many more joyful experiences in mindfulness journey.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for guiding me to coach on Mindfulness
  • @Chetandurdi ji thanks for your encouraging words. I have read your experiences on Mindfulness it is so motivating.

    Gratitudes Rakhi Didi for all the teaching of Mindfulness you are always my Energy and Coincidence Booster.
    Gratitudes to SharatSir for Mindfulness Course.
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