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Mindfulness success story: Helped in releasing childhood trauma

Golden Sunrise,

One of my childhood trauma got released after doing mindfulness course... Because of this trauma I use to run away from facing some challenging situations like:
1. nagative situations
2. Avoiding tough people
3. Watching news channels
4. Becoming passive in negative discussions
5. Avoid challenges

During the mindfulness practice I got realisation of the event which triggered this... In the process I witnessed the past event for 15 mins boldly...

Post this healing I stopped differentiating between challenging and easy task... I started facing all situations easily and boldly.

This course touches and heals some of the area which is beyond our reach.

Thank you @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher and @SharatSir for designing and facilitating the foundation course for life transformation.


  • @Chetandurdi
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Amazing experience. Thank you for sharing it in so much detail. Happy to know that you are easy with all situations. Thanks to Sharat Sir for special exercise in this course.
    Wishing you GOLDEN SUNRISE EASY LIFE with Mindfulness journey.

  • @Chetandurdi

    Happy to know your amazing experience.

    I also found that when I am doing my activities MINDFULLY, I am able to face all situations easily.

    GRATITUDE to @SharatSir and @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher for excellent guidance and Teaching.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Chetan. It is really a nice experience.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    I am feeling proud of Rakhi's teaching and your learning.

    Bless you a GOLDEN SUNRISE LIFE.

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