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MINDFULNESS PRACTICES IMPROVING LIFE, lost weight, faster progress at work

edited July 2020 in General Discussion


While following Mindfulness practices as guided by @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher , One major benefit I got is my eating habit is regulated with mindful tasting skill. Due to this I am feeling my body light, a new feeling. My weight also reduced from 71 kg to 68.5 kg.

Second major benefit is my Ph.D. work is progressing very fast. Earlier my research work was very slowly moving. when I am doing my activities with mindfulness, way of working improved, i am handling things with alertness and improved concentration.

I want to share my happy feeling with you all.

Thanks to @SharatSir for guiding me to this course.

Thanks to our MINDFULNESS [email protected]"Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher" for her EXCELLENT TEACHING SKILLS.


  • Wow.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.
  • @DSRao ji
    Congratulations for PHd work moving faster.
    Happy to know about your light feeling with weight loss in few weeks.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your practices and enthusiasm

    Thank you for your kind words and sharing your experiences.
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