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VK TIP 142: Kamasutra Energy for Marital Love Through VK, An Amazing Tip for all Couples

edited June 2020 in VK TIPS

Golden sunrise Master Sharat.

Every time VK amazes me. My wife is nearing menopause. I was giving her Fem serum in drinking water. Her mood swings reduced. We have been in good relationships since many years. Lately, she was losing interest in sexual life.

With counseling and consoling I tried, she would not agree for intimacy. I read about KAMASUTRA from ancient Indian stories, how it is important in love life and intimacy in couples.

I send this Kamasutra energy with safety using my VK requesting for me and my wife. A fortnight later, things just changed for our good. Now we enjoy our marital life more than before.

Millions thanks to master Sharat for divine VK. This is must-try energy for married couples.


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