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VK success story - Long time dream of buying a flat come true, job offer lesson

edited June 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Hi, Jaya here. Sharing VK success stories -
Long time dream of buying a flat come true by grace of VK………Many Many thanks to VK & Sharat Sir.
My younger sister ( 43 yrs old ) has been doing a job for the last 20 yrs , but being single she always had fear to buy a home with borrowed money because of job uncertainty and subsequent money issues, so till now she kept postponing her decision to buy a flat. But this Mar 2020, she finally thought to buy a flat. This was for the first time I made a request to VK. I prepared an energy circle to buy property as given in the litairian website , got it printed and activated with a direct request – “Dear VK, please activate the Energy Circle for my sister Swati “ x3 .
I did this only for once because even though she was searching flat she was confused so I thought she is not serious and didn’t make any further requests to VK. But to our surprise within 3 days after I made the energy circle for her, she finalised one flat. She wore my VK at the time of negotiation and the builder himself offered fair reduction on his own.

My sister got the possession her flat in the second week of Mar. We planned to have the house warming ceremony on Gudi Padwa which was on 25th Mar but due to lockdown this couldn’t happen. As the ceremony got postponed my sister was upset. Again I took help of VK and tried vastu shanti puja. With the intention to clear any imbalance of energy in the home & to get the divine blessings for health, wealth and prosperity” I made a direct request to VK –

“Dear VK Please activate to give the effect of
Bhoo Varah Homa x 3
Vastu Shanti Puja x 3
Navagrah Shanti Puja x 3
Sudarshana Homa x 3
Sai Baba Puja x 3
To my sister Swati’s flat NOW AND FOREVER

(The information about some homas mentioned above –
Bhoo Varah Homa - This homam is dedicated to Lord Mahavishnu .This homa is done to remove ill effects of not constructing a house according to the tenets of the Vaastu Sastra, which prescribes various principles and techniques for constructing houses and temples.

Sudarshana Homa - An all-inclusive puja in which offerings are made to all the deities in order to express gratitude and to invoke their blessings and goodwill.)

After my sister bought the flat, she got tensed because of her home loan. She was looking for a better job since long time so I thought to take help of VK for her job search. Keeping in mind the intention “to find best deserving job and the financial abundance for my sister”, I made direct request to VK –

“Dear VK please give the energy of
!!! ॐ श्री साईं तीर्थाय नमः !!! x3”
To my sister Swati NOW AND FOREVER”.

Within a week she got one good job offer. Even during this lockdown period also she had two rounds of telephonic interview in April. I was not even regular in my requests to VK but still VK helped. My sister is yet to get an offer letter from the company so once again she got nervous I told her not to lose heart and think other way also – suppose if you had got new a job , because of this lockdown the companies were not working and being on probation the employer would not have paid the salary or might have removed you from the job …during probation period it is very easy for the employers to do so or if you had resigned from your current job to take new job and the new employer also kept the recruitment decision on hold , the situation would have become worse for you.

So even after requests to get a job, VK did what was best for her. I suggested her to clear her ICWA exams by Dec 2020 so she can have a chance for even better job.

A decision to buy a home was pending for almost 20 yrs, got a final push with VK. This is simply amazing.
As a VK user I am grateful to Sharat Sir & VK. Million Thanks to Sharat Sir for inventing such a wonderful and divine tool. Many Thanks to entire Litairian team who works for sharing the experiences of VK users and sharing articles, information on Litairian website.

It’s great to see the efforts of entire Litairian team.
I got my VK in Feb 2020 and since I have many things with VK now I have many success stories with VK, I will share few of them in my subsequent posts. Thanks. Bye.


  • @Jayashree

    Congratulations to you and your sister for the new home.

    Wonderful sharing in detail. The way you have described the experience it created suspense, what happened next?

    I loved your way of VK by just simply requesting it and forgetting. This way each time you just surrendered your wish to Universe , Divine.

    Mimicking Homa effect with VK is fantastic. I could see your deep faith in VK.

    Its your maturity and wisdom to even understand the request of best deserving job and why the job offer didnt come and how best has happened in current situation. Thank you for sharing.

    I am waiting to read your other VK thrilling experiences.

    Wish you a GOLDEN SUNRISE joyful life with VK.
  • WOW Beautiful series of success events with VK with your own wisdom. Wonderful
    Golden Sunrise for your VK journey ahead.
    Million Thanks to Sharat Sir for very innovative invention helping people in manifesting their dreams and team Litairian.
    Golden Sunrise...
  • Wow Congratulations for the new home Golden Sunrise blessings to fill this home with health wealth and happiness for living in.
    Thankyou for writing so much detail in your post with all the energies used and the methods of pujas.
    Keep us motivating.
  • @Jayashree ,

    Congratulations to you and your sister for manifesting 20 years dream with VK grace that too within 1 month after getting VK. As @SharatSir says VK MAGIC BEGIN NOW.

    You have used MIMICKING in an excellent way.

    Your way of making direct request to VK is also excellent to read.

    Keep sharing your success stories with details of HEALING METHOD for motivating other VK users.


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