Can balance serum be used for planetary effects and doshas

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  • Sir i have read balance serum article.
    Can balance serum be used for planetary effects and doshas .
    How to balance chakras with VK using balance serum
    Yes Balance Serum balances all the planetary effects and negative effects or grah doshas.
    Balance serum also balances chakras and aura . Please click on the hyperlink to read more about balance serum

  • If VK USER sends love serum to all the planets no matter it's stage. And post that take water charged with just GS & shield of seven layers of protection. Will that help or some other serum can be added?
  • @Shrinath ji yes Love serum to the universe helps a lot and changes our lives very much .
    Now for planetary effects and more we have BALANCE SERUM
    Please read about it in hyperlink

  • Thank you sir. Now if I just take GS with the shield of seven layers of protection in water without any clear intention. Which direction will it shield me. As we keep on thinking many things in a day. Is it going to help me with achieving things I thought most in the day while consuming the water?
  • @Shrinath
    SHIELD OF 7 RAYS will protect you generally on all aspects given in the article when taken without intention.

  • @Shrinath

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  • Just a query based on energy of planet for healing, We can send GS and Love serum to all the 9 planets, and at the same time use Healing Energies of Mercury or other planet ?

    Also i would like to know which all planets healing energy can be taken in combination ? Or do i have to use one planet energy only per charged water/fluid bottle ?

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Shrinath ji
    1. U can use Balance serum for the planetary issues for All in One Solution . Balance serum is a super powerful energy for multi dimensions if any user takes regularly VK uses own wisdom and works according the best required or priority for the user.
    However you can intend for any specific issue to heal with balance serum and VK will guide energy in that direction.
    Write this

    When you wish to mimic any energy with VK we should know which energy is required by us.
    Best is to use Balance serum in this case.

    1. As per your queries about taking any planetary energies or gayatri or any special planet energy then please do seperately for all as every planet has specific powers and related to different aspects.
    2. While sending Love serum to universe , planets or surroundings is according to the quote "what we gives comes back."
      It is similar situation to feed all at one place commonly .
      It is not advised to use combination for planetary issues
  • Same applies for gemstones too right like onyx/pearl or blue sapphire ?

  • @Shrinath

    I guess you haven't read the 23 unique ways in which Balance Serum helps....there is no need to use gems/ crystals / planets etc.

    Please read this link

    It requires lot of expertise to know which planets or gems would help.

    When you have VK and BALANCE SERUM , you don't need to look for so many other remedies.

  • OK I will try it.

    I will send GS, BS and LS to all planets everyday 4 times for a week and update you on the same.
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