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What is the difference between Evil Eye, Psychic Eye and Black Magic?

edited June 2020 in Spirituality Discussion

GOLDEN SUNRISE @SharatSir, @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher , @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher , @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher and All VK Teachers.

What is the difference between Evil eye and Psychic eye?

How to Find out whether there is an effect of evil eye on any Person or on Home ?

How to protect People and Homes from Evil Eyes ? How VK can be used for this?

Thanking you in advance for sparing your valuable time.


  • Also please read about second wonderful creation VIBBES SEEDER by SharatSir to protect Homes and places from Evil Eye
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher ji,

    Is black magic and Evil eye are same ?

    I will follow your advice and go through articles.

    Thank You Very much ji.

  • edited May 2020

    Black Magic is done intentionally to harm someone.
    Evil Eye happens automatically due to the negative nature (jealously, hatred, feeling of scarcity,) of a person.

  • Golden Sunrise @DSRao Ji,

    1. Evil Eye / Psychic Eye are the same, just called differently in different parts of the world.
    2. One can figure out symptomatically based on unnatural or sudden body aches, health issues, business/career issues.
      or through energy reading equipment/dowsers etc. (to be used by an expert)
      or a psychic can tell without the need of any equipments.
    3. a) If a person is mentally very strong and positive, a minor evil eye may only affect like a mosquito bite. But if a person is vulnerable and or the effect of evil eye is strong, then it can also cause chaos in someones life.
      b) With VK you can request for Shield of Seven Rays which will give you or your home complete protection. Also use All Clear Serum to cleanse away any past negative energies.

    Also as mentioned by @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher Ji, if you already have a Vibbes Seeder, then you need not worry about your home being affected by the effects of evil eye or black magic etc. as the seeder creates a very powerful and constant energy barrier around the property that it is attuned for.

  • @DSRao ji

    Regarding your question on home

    I would like to add my experience with VK while sending energy to home.
    @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher said use SHIELD OF 7 RAYS and ALL CLEAR SERUM with VK for a home too. Yes it works on a home to drive negative energies and keep it protected.

    Sometimes there are many types of negative energies in a home and sometimes some energies are very intensive in negativity.

    During our experiments with Sir before making of VS, i was using VK for healing of home. There was too much negativity in a home and the people in that home were facing multiple issues.

    While sending SO7R ACS with VK, there were changes happening. But the energy need was too high and negative energies were attacking the home very frequently. Practically it became difficult to keep healing the home. As making request to VK every 30 min was like using 1 VK only for that purpose.

    And what about healing at night time. A gap of 8 hrs while sleeping was a good time to give negativity to again attack such home.

    There were series of such experiences and experiments with VK where even Mudit was part of experimenting team with Sharat Sir's guidance.

    The solution was something that would work 24×7 on its own. And Sir launched his 2nd invention Vibbes Seeder.

    VS is a boon for every home or place. Thanks to Sharat Sir for his enormous efforts in making of VS.
  • Nice explanation.Thanks everyone

  • Yesss,Ma'm. VS is absolutely a boon for the whole hunanity and a miracle indeed!!! Gratitude to Sharat sir for this miraculous invention! But,Ma'm how to protect a person from black magic attack/ negative energies 24/7 because one can not request VK continuously to send SO7R to protect her from these kinds of attacks while he/she is sleeping at night. So,what to do in this case if there is continuous and ongoing black magic on the person?
  • @Shreyas
    Increass the healing frequency. Do your best and surrender to Divine without taking the stress about the thought what happens in the nite or otherwise.
    If there is an attack you can still clear it with VK !!
  • Ok Ma'm. Got it. Thank you!
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    Golden Sunrise Mam,

    I would like to know that does VK also protects the wearer 24/7 as VS does for home.
    Without constantly requesting for SO7R to VK for self (VK wearer)?

  • @Vaishnavi
    VK protects. It depends on energy needs. When need is more take SHIELD OF 7 RAYS.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Thank you Mam for the Clarification :)

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