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VK Tip 141: Learn Books, Chapters, Notes, Lessons, Your Language Course, Verses of Mantras, etc.

edited September 2020 in VK TIPS

With VK, you can learn books, chapters, notes, lessons, your language course, verses of mantras, and even speeches.

☀️How to learn a book or a chapter?

To learn a chapter or lessons or notes etc. take a glass of water and charge the water with the energies of Study Serum and energy of the chapter which you want to learn.

☀️As you keep reading or learning the chapter, sip the charged water with the energy of that chapter slowly till you learn the whole chapter.

☀️If you find a full chapter big enough to learn at one time, divide it into practical parts and then learn. Here, energies the water with only that part of the chapter which you are going to learn at that time.

☀️This way you can slowly learn the whole chapter.

☀️There can be many reasons, why you are learning that chapter.
There may be an exam,
the exam might be written or oral,
you may want to learn the chapter for further use of the information in the chapter in the finances of your life.

It would be great if you know your intention because then VK will be able to help you more.

☀️If you want to learn the chapter for an exam, you can add the energy of Study Serum to memorize the chapter well for the exam.

☀️You can intend to learn each and every detail of the chapter, so that you can earn “wow” of your teacher for learning even the smallest part of the chapter.

☀️If you want to learn something which will help you financially, then you can add the energy of Total Wealth Serum as well.

☀️If you feel scared to loose all the memory of the chapter while exam or even in the future, you can add the energy of Bravo Serum, so that you feel brave and strong while performing the exam.

☀️If you want to learn the chapter just for your knowledge, you can add the energy of “GOLDEN SUNRISE” to enhance your knowledge as well.

☀️You can also add the energy of RAINBOW JOY to happily learn the chapter.

☀️For example,
You want to charge water to learn the chapter and memorize it really well, say
“Study Serum”
“Study Serum”
“Study Serum”
3 times over the water. Then rotate VK for 15 to 20 times over the glass or bottle of water.

And now To place a request to VK, say the name of the chapter
“ quantum physics “
“ quantum physics “
“ quantum physics “
3 times over the water and rotate VK 15 to 20 times over the glass or bottle of water.

☀️Same way, if you want to add other energies, be clear what you want, choose the energy well, charge the water and sip while you learn.


  • Wonderful sir :)

    Charging the water with the energy of chapter is great idea sir!!!
    Thank you sir

    Happy Birthday Divine VK
    Thank you very much sir for this wonderful VK tip.
    Thank you sir for Divine VK
    Thank you sir for this amazing VK forum
    Thank you sir for
    Thank you sir for all your self less efforts in helping us in many ways through VK
    Thank you very much, for this wonderful tip.
    I am 69 years old, I do have problem in learning and poor memory.
    I will absolutely charging water for myself and for my husband, and for my son as well.

  • Wow very exciting VK tip Thankyou Sir for sharing it will help so many students and all age people to learn easily in their field.
    Woww Tip Gratitudes Sir.
  • Amazing tip sir. Thanks
  • Thanks for the tip Master

    This tip seems to be a DIVINE GIFT to people who want to gain more knowledge in less time easily. In today's busy world, this tip saves lot of TIME and EFFORT for VK users.

  • Thank you Master Sharat for amazing VK and tips.golden sunrise

  • Awesome Sir .Thank u for sharing these awesome tips
  • Very useful tip thanks a lot

  • Golden Sunrise,
    If we want to learn study material for particular subject which is blockwise (1 book = 1 block) for exams then do we have to charge water with the title of particular block or units under that block as in 1 go its possible to study 2 blocks for exam which is after few days?
    Thank you :)

  • @Vaishnavi we used to learn chapter wise to finish book of any subject. A book have different subject and you have to read every chapter to learn.
    Please read the VK Tip above clearly mention if you find any chapter big then you can divide it into parts.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam can we just say the study serum + the name of the chapter 3times and keep vk on the bottle ??
  • Golden Sunrise Sharat Sir.... I think this is very useful tips for all of us. Thank you so much Sir with lots of gratitude...May God bless you ????
  • Amazing i will take for myself and give others for their excellence in studies Thank you Sharat Sir
  • Thank you for the guidance.
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