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VK Tip 140: Mimic a Person’s Energy or Some Particular Skill of a Person

edited May 2020 in VK TIPS

With VK, Mimic a person’s energy or some particular skill of a person.

This sounds strange but possible with VK.

☀️To mimic the energy of a person or some particular skills of a person, be clear in your intent, and then place the request to VK.

For example: if you want to mimic the energy of a popular personality, let’s name him XYZ.

Hold VK and say:

“ Mimic all the good energy of XYZ with safety and security
“ Mimic all the good energy of XYZ with safety and security"
“ Mimic all the good energy of XYZ with safety and security"

XYZ is also a human same as you. He may have good and bad habits, attitude, approach towards life, thought pattern, choices, decisions, and understanding both.

☀️VK is an intentional tool. It will follow your intention to mimic the energy of person XYZ. Keep a point in mind that you ask for a good and positive point of XYZ.

☀️When you ask for a person’s particular skill, it has to be quite special to ask, even then remember that VK is an intentional tool and you should be clear about your intention.

☀️You should clearly know about the skill you want to have and for what purpose you want to be that skill full should also be clear to you.

☀️Remember, VK will not accept your request if you will demand to mimic the energy of the wrong or harmful skill of a person. So, do not even ask for that.

☀️To ask for the positive and good skill of a person whom you are fascinated by, say:

“ VK mimic the energy of XYZ’s English speaking skill with safety and security"
“ VK mimic the energy of XYZ’s English speaking skill with safety and security"
“ VK mimic the energy of XYZ’s English speaking skill with safety and security"

Here, you are asking for the English speaking skill of XYZ for your own better English speaking skill.

☀️Same way, you can ask for the skill of a car driver who is a master in driving.
☀️Skills of ABC to swim well.
☀️Skills of LMN to have an artistic hand in drawing mandala art.
☀️Skills of JKL in solving equations of maths.

☀️Asking to mimic someone’s skill is different from asking the energy to mimic the way they drive.

☀️Both intentions are different. Skills are only perfect. A skillful person will follow rules, drive smart, travel safely, be spontaneous on road, avoid accidents, avoid jumping traffic lights, and a careful driver.

☀️But, if you admire someone’s way of driving, then the way they drive can be rash, unsafe, accidental, or even abiding rules of the traffic.

☀️VK is an intentional tool, and mimicking is a special feature. So, be clear about your intention while asking for some person’s energy or their skills.


    Thank you very much sir for this wonderful tip.
  • @SharatSir
    Thank you Sir for sharing this wonderful tip.

    I wish to share my views to all the Readers

    This tip has taken me down the memory lane when I was not a VK user.

    Few years back I was learning driving. I used to find some difficulties in driving. I had learnt a healing technique which helps to copy skills of another person.

    About the same time, I knew one of my friends was very good at driving. So by using that healing technique I copied her driving skills.

    In next few weeks I was driving the car and I met with an accident. I was ok but there came a dent to my car. Through normal conversations, I mentioned this whole episode to my friend who was the expert in driving and whose skill I copied.

    She laughed and said did you know when I was learning driving 15 yrs back I also did the same accident.

    We both were shocked that my accident episode from her driving life, also became a part of my life.
    The type of accident and the result of accident were almost similar what she had experienced.

    So when we copy any skills of a person, we are mostly not aware of the background of the efforts and experiences behind that expertise.

    That day I decided NOT to do this copying and just BELIEVE in my own skills.

    But when VK came in life, these views changed. With mimicking of skill of another person, we can request the skill for receiver with intention of SAFETY AND SECURITY.

    The invention of VK is a boon to humanity. Mimicking with VK is like Sone pe Suhaga. The intention safety and security makes it all easy.

    So when you have VK, explore other healing modalities only through VK and with intention SAFETY and SECURITY.

  • Thank you Sharat Sir for the divine gift. You and VK are my answered prayers. Thank you for coming in my life.
  • Woww Another amazing VK tip thankyou Sir for giving blessings with VKs mimicking power.
    Thankyou @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher didi to share your live example of this VK tip.
    Thankyou for motivating every user with your enthusiasm.
  • I wish my grand has to accept mother tounge playfully while he is living in chennai in Tamil,his first language is Tamil,second English how can i make hum mother tongue Fan
  • @Shirish ji

    Your question is your answer. Do direct request in own words
    And refer VK Tip 141 on this forum.
  • Thank you,@golden Rakhi ji
  • How does it work m confused is it work temporary for learning or give skills for a certain period of time
  • @Bhawna

    Practise it and share your experiences.
  • Hi @SharatSir Thank you for this wonderful post. I want to clarify. Can I mimic different skills from various people? For example, sports skills from person A, singing skills from person B and linguistic skills from person C? If yes, can I do it in one go or I shall have a time gap between these 3 requests?

    Also, can I request on behalf of my daughter? e.g “ VK mimic the energy of XYZ’s English speaking skill with safety and security for my daughter".

    Thank you.

  • @vijay14
    Golden sunrise.
    If your question is mimicking 3 different skills for same person/energy receiver. then think does that person has readiness to work on those all skills same time? .If you feel yes, then explore and share the results with us.

    Regarding VK procedures please read BASICS OF VK Post 14. If they are 3 different skills, request one at time.

    Yes for your daughter.

  • Hi Rakhi mam. Golden sunrise.
    Thank you for your response.

    I am currently involved in all the 3 skills mentioned above. I want to get VK to help further in enhancing the skills.

    What is your take on this based on your experience? Shall I focus on 1 skill first before moving on to next?

    Thank you.

  • Thank you Sharat sir and Rakhi mam for shearing this mimicking mathod
    i am very lazy in doing thing or practicing
    i want to learn and practice lots of thing and i wanto be perfect in every thing but my lazyness i cannot carry on any guidence from you
    thank you

  • Can I Mimic some one's skill for some other person too?? Or only for I can mimic someone's study skill for my son
  • Thank you ma'am
  • Wooo. Such a amazing tip, I was really surprised to see such a good post. Feel lucky to be a part of VK User.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for giving us such a divine tool.

    God Bless You.

  • Apart from direct request, can I charge water mimicking a particular skill from a person in addition to cosmic serums?

    VK is a Divine Gift to Humanity

    VK's MIMICKING Feature is blessing us with Infinite Possibilities with powerful

    Thanks and Gratitude are not enough to express my feelings to our beloved
    DIVINE MASTER @SharatSir .

  • @Mona
    You may experiment and share your results with us.
  • Golden Sunrise!!! @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Mam. I wanted to check with you that if I ask VK for Mimicking a skill as I am mentioning below, is that the right way? Or it can be framed in a better way. Please guide.

    VK Bhai, please mimic the energy of xyz's Skills of clearing exam name with good bands.
  • @PriyoGoldenSunrise
    Reframe your sentence. Check what is common in all the examples given by Sir in main post.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Golden Sunrise!! VK Bhai, please mimic the energy of xyz's Skills of clearing exam name with good bands with safety and security. I hope now it is fine? If not pls pls guide me..
  • @PriyoGoldenSunrise
    You posted the same sentence again!!

    If you check all the example given by Sharat Sir relate to a subject or a art like driving maths drawing swimming. So a person has skills for subject or art. Skill is not of clearing an exam or competition.

    Exam is just a situation or criteria.
  • Cool tip sir

    If I want to improve my songwriting skills and add an aspect of it from a certain band (Soundgarden) is it possible or is it only for individual skill?
  • One more question

    If I mimic a person's skills like guitar playing skills I want to add it to my guitar playing not like i want to sound like him exactly with no originality
    I just want to add to my skillset

    Is it how this works
  • @ShivGanjoo

    Please read Sirs guidance again on main post
  • @ShivGanjoo

    From whom are you learning guitar.
    How much time do you give yourself in practising guitar everyday and since how many months are you practicing it?
  • I play anywhere from 3 - 7hours on normal days have been playing guitar for a long time but now since 2 months started to learn new skills like soloing etc for better control over the instrument and for songwriting also
    I dont have a particular teacher all I have learnt is from YouTube or by myself
  • @ShivGanjoo

    It is prefered to learn from an expert Guitar musician. Every skill has something special which only a Coach can teach. When a person learns from youtube there is noone to guide or tell the person how he or she can learn or perform better.
    If you are passionate about Guitar, request VK to help you to REACH a Guitar teacher who will coach you and make you an expert if that is your wish.

    With online one way learning you may not get the depth of music
  • Thanks for the guidance mam
  • So here goes the request

    Vk yar please help me reach the perfect guitar teacher for me now with ease
  • For how long period we can use anyone's skill or knowledge I
  • Golden Sunrise
    Divine VK,Sharat sir and VK Team
    Golden Sunrise to all
  • I have recently tried this tip as I had Driving Practical test today, I was struggling with car manoeuvre and in UK if you mess up a manoeuvre you can't pass your driving test.

    For 3 days continuously I requested Vk like this

    Vk golden Sunrise please bless me with the good driving skills of perfect driving master*3 times and hurray I have passed my test today which almost was impossible as per my driving instructor.

    Thanks a lot sir for VK in our lives and wonderful mimicking feature of VK.

    Thank you so much
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