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Studies Typhoid Adenoids healed with Divine VK

edited January 12 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise!!!
I would like to share some VK expiriences which were shared by my friend. She is also a VK user. On her behalf I'm sharing these experiences with all of you. As she have sent me I'm just like that going to share with you. In July 2019, I got my VK first time and journey of experiences started. So some of them I would like to share.
(1) My 10 years old daughter got typhoid and after tried doctor's treatment, fever was not getting below 99.5. She was not going to school and was taking rest in home then I tried with VK. I gave her energy of GS, MMM, ACS, DFev Serum in water and it worked. I gave her charged water in the evening and next morning. After that she was completely fine.
(2) I'm giving my daughter charged water for studies with Serum's energy daily: GS, SS, So7Rays (for complete protection). An excellent change came in her within a week. I want to explain with an example: Her Eng. teacher gave H.W to whole class to write a story of 6 to 7 lines and she was given hints in 7 to 8 words by her teacher but my daughter wrote the story of 4 to 5 pasges. When I've asked her why you have written such a long story then she answered, mom when I was writting, lots of ideas were coming in my mind so I've written. And its again happened because of my true friend VK. It was amazing experience. Thank you VK ,Thank you Sharat Sir, Thank you Divine.
(3) My daughter has adenoids problem and she always kept her mouth open while sleeping. She had snoring problem too. She couldn't breathe with ease. Allopathic doctors advised us for surgery. Then we went for Homeopathic treatment to avoid surgery. Almost for the last nine months, she was taking her homeopathic medicine but result was not satisfactory, almost zero. One month before she had also got cold. It was more difficult to take breath. She was taking breath with open mouth and snoring also. Then I used my VK by direct request: (1) GS, (2) MMM, (3) ENT Serum, (4) ACS. It worked immediately. After that I started Psychic surgery of affected area. And I could see results within 2 days. Now she is breathing properly and don't open her mouth in day-time and in night-time, her snoring is almost stopped.
Thank you VK, Thank you Divine, Thank you Sharat Sir. Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!


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