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Working of Mantra

As per my understanding , any Mantra works if given by Sat Guru but in the case of VK , I can feel energy of any mantra , just doing a simple request. Now my question is what is correct which I am feeling Or get mantra from Guru , otherwise it will not work. Or VK work like Guru also in this case.


  • Thankyou for this wonderful question sir.
    Your understanding is correct sadguru has all the powers to restrict power of thier specific mantras or teachings. But should i ask question
    Who is a Sadguru?
    How to find a sadguru?
    There is no criteria that can give correct information or definition of a Sadguru. There are lot of scriptures and teachings of divine masters but somwhere i feel lot of conflicts betwen them.
    Apart from this presence of a Sadguru or name only is enough to raise the vibrations and increase the awareness.
    I think sir experiences are the best way to define a sadguru
    What is VK? It is not an electronic gadget , neither a product of any commercial production house.
    VK is the divine Blessings of my Sadguru Sharat sir ji. Sir put more than 20 years of his experiences and learnings to invent VK. Rather he is blessed by the Almighty for his hardwork and Austerity "Tapasya".
    What a great Sadguru he is who never hide anything in his bucket.
    On the Very first meet he just Bless me with all his divine powers in VK. He don't create mysteries or any illusion of heavy theories in my mind, simply says "GO experience and FLY".
    I think an initial energy exchange is not the actual cost of VK money can't buy a Sadguru
    Past 2 years back Since i got VK my awareness increasing every moment i have lot experiences and learnings under his guidance. My vibrations and being is miraculously uplifted and yes i can say Sharat sir is Sadguru.
    Sharat sir restricted the VK only where it is necessary and we are free to experience and solve all mysteries of Universe positively.
    I am from a traditional hindu background and have lots of interest in religious Spirituality. I have read vedas purans and scriptures to get the deep knowledge
    "Everywhere is the description of the taste of what Sweetness of GOD"
    . Personally i experience The recipe of Sweetness of GOD is VK and i am experiencing under My Sadguru Sharat Sir's blessings.
    Thankyou sir.

  • Golden sunrise Puneet Ji Excellent

  • Fantastic explanation Punit. Your beautiful lines seems coming right from your heart and I would say your statement is a trendsetter for those who are looking for light in the mess of confusing Orthodox approach. It will not be off-track if I quote "God could not be everywhere to show the path of light to he sent Sharat Sir."

    @Mukesh ji, I differ from your opinion Sir. Mantras work on your faith if pronounced in the right wave length. You, as such, do not need a known Sadguru for a Mantra to work. Rather we require someone having right knowledge to teach us. He who teaches 'Sat' is a Sadguru. Please care to remember, VK emits the energy of the Cosmos which is the power of Divine who is Param Guru. So there shouldn't be a quarry that you still need a Sadguru.

  • I regard all feeling expressed above. Also have same respect. I don't have much knowledge about all this. I did only meditations and some puja etc. directed by some astrologers time to time, to come out from my miserable life. When ever I read books, easily available at railway stations , I found that there one thing is common" do this in guidance of Guru or take this mantra from Guru " then only it will work.

    That is Why I asked this question, otherwise VK and SIR are like boon , by the grace of GOD only , in my life now. I don't know because of which deed of mine I am blessed with VK.

    thanks and regards to everyone.
  • @mukeshmg

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