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Virus and me

Golden Sunrise

Here is another sucess story which I got from VK

This current situation was really installing fear in me I was feeling really fearful about it and I felt really very fearful from some days

So what I asked vk was

1) VK please activate to give me ideas how to fight this situation of virus

The ideas came in abundence

Charge the drinking water containers with immunity serum which was already discussed by sir

Also add mahamrityunjay mantra as it is most powerful way to not only heal quickly but also the important mantra to avoid death

Also with Perfect Health serum as I have read that it also fufilled all the body requirements so all the requirement related vitamin B12 and vitamin C and vitamin D will be fufilled which will enhance my immunity

So started cleaning with dettole so charged Dettol with all clear serum balance Serum and Golden sunrise these r things which definitely removes negativity from home it help to clean the surface and the space

Also charged my handwash with these energies I don't know this but I feel very positive when I wash my hands now a days

Also charged my washing powder with above energies

Gave sheild of seven rays to health of me nd my parents two times a day morning and evening

Give urself and ur family full session of any excercise like swimming jogging walking etc as u can't move out and excercise will again make u fit and immunity increases

Vk please activate all acupressure points in my body now this also increases circulation and helps to fight deceases

Give urself mood up serum and Bravo serum once a day

Also sprinkle reiki vaccum and all clear serum charged water to increase vibration of the space at optimum levels at evening time

Also heard that Vedic mantras help to kill germs in my environment so 15 minutes everyday u can put music on ur mobile or speaker with Gayatri Mantra or mahamrityunjay mantra ask ur VK to enhance the vibration of mantra multifold

Also gratitude incrases positive outlook enhances ur immunity increases our healing powers so started a gratitude list and also mention why r u greateful about it do it 10-15 min and side by side ask ur VK to enhance the benifits of this excercise multifold preferably do it at night before u sleep

Also when u r sleeping wear the VK as it protects u from many things

Keep ur energy body healthy by giveing ur self chakra flush empowerment and aura flush empowerment and mental flush empowerment daily atleast once with ur vk use vk booster Method if possible by useing multiple VK

Also once a day give request to VK
Vk please activate to heal this pendamic situation now

These r all the ideas I got with one request to Vk and all these ideas came within 10 min I was ready with my copy and pen so I jotted down quickly all ideas that came all these ideas were original and to the point of u get just ideas u can solve many problems in life the ideas r unlimited

And vk has tapped into my idea potential perfectly it was really miracle if I follow half of these ideas I will be bullet proof

Also I have three VK I activated all three of my vk at once asking same request to all three may be that's why I got these many ideas

Now what if I ask vk ideas about how to use VK more efficeintly

Thank You VK for giveing so many ideas I love them

Thank You SHARAT Sir for not only makeing me a powerful healer but also makeing me a greate problem solver and ideas generator

Thank You Rakhi Mam

Thank You team Litrarian for always supporting me and guideing me

Golden Sunrise


  • Wow very good ideas indeed and thankyou for sharing with all.
    You can use these ideas as per your need.
    Stay blessed with divine VK and no need to fear or panic.
    Golden Sunrise to your efforts.
  • Golden Sunrise

    Thank You Puneet Sir for the encouragement and support
    Thank You SHARAT Sir for VK
    Thank You Team Litrarian
    Golden Sunrise
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