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Success with ONE SOUL SERUM improving relation with husband and in laws using VK

edited April 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

A lady was not being treated properly by her in- laws and husband. I made a circle with VK and worte names of all the family members and started giving OSS. Within few days she said her husband has started taking her side, her father in-law has also supporting her. I am still giving OSS and am hoping very soon her mother -in-law will also treat her properly.Thankyou VK Thankyou Sharat Sir for bringing happiness in people's life.


  • Very nice thankyou for sharing your VK experience.
    Keep us motivating
  • Keep going.

  • Wonderful Experience. Faith in VK changes mind of other people in our favour. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts in making people' life Happy.

  • Excellent work @LATISH , Thank you for sharing. Your success story can become a VK tip too.

  • Very nice...thank you
  • I am a vk user and a healer too and no doubt VK is doing wonders for me and my client's too.
    My one client is going through relationship problems with her husband they are not in good talking terms also he was least bothered for his wife and two kids, so when she came to me she was very sad because he said he wants a divorce so from that very day I started giving him
    All clear serum+calm down serum+one soul serum+ hanuman chalisa+ sheild of seven rays+ golden sunrise to him daily ,after that his behaviour to them changed in a week ,as has was not living with them since two yrs so it's a miracle now he visits home talk with his kids ,helping them financially, hope the family will be together soon
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher mam one question
    My mother died in 2001 and after that my father married again.
    Question is my step mother dosent even show respect to my father shs has two daughters living in chandigarh, and whenever she visits them she stays there for period like four months always and whenever my father ask her to come and handle the responsibilities of our home she starts giving excuses, also her daughters too dint say anything on this
    As a VK user I give both my parents all clear serum one soul serum hanuman chalisa shield of seven Ray's GOLDEN SUNRISE, but no calls from her till now only my father calls her every day
    Don't know wat energies should I give j have tried direct healing too but nothing changed
    What she thinks wat she do will she come
    These question runs in my mind every time
  • @SharatSir @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher please mam and sir suggest me some thing for this above query
  • @shivi_1986

    In your client case you are not attaching to results. In your family case you are doing healing probably with fear and anxiety in mind.

    Only ONE SOUL SERUM is also enough with VK. Take BRAVO SERUM for yourself and allow VK to work for the best of all family members

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher thank you so much mam will do as suggested by you and get back to results
  • Thank you Sharat Sir

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