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VK Success: VK save my nephew from Testicle surgery.

I am very happy and feeling Blessed to share my VK Success story.
A few days back i ask here a query which is answered by VK teacher.
My nephew 14 yrs got some problem in his right testical. He was crying in unbearable pain and his parent have to immediately move to a physician. Doctor give him a pain killer injection to bear the pain and suggest to take appointment for one of the senior urologist in the city.
Later the urologist ask for some test and suggest to go for a surgery. Otherwise there may be blood blockage or to remove the testical is what urologist said.
Since then i got a call from them and they were now going for another urologist's opinion.

:+1: I immediately start PSYCHIC SURGERY for my nephew.
Same day the other urologist again ask for some tests and he suggest no need for surgery everything is fine, There is some infection and he prescribed some medicine.

:+1: I Also gave him Golden Sunrise, ALL Clear Serum, Men Serum, Pain Care Serum, Balance Serum directly 6 ,8 times randomly.
:+1: Also gave him energy of UTI cure video by sharat sir.
Now after one week today i came to know that everything is fine they have to be little cautious.
While i am still continuing sending healing to him for few days.
Thankyou Sharat sir for VK is such a life saviour
Milions gratitudes to you and VK teachers.


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