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Growing Spirituality

Generally when people's areas where there were problems and issues gets improved, they say that they are growing spiritually. Can u elaborate this or explain the relativity ?


  • Unfortunately, both are totally non-relative happening. Problems are materialistic. So Improvements in issues & problems too, has to be materialistic. How can one's spirituality take a growth on resolution of their problems. Spirituality is free of all problems and issues. For this one has to understand what do we mean by the term Spirituality. It is the quest of Satva. It stands on an Alpha ground. In other words it is rather a state than a technique. Oneself is adapted to it and not learn it. It is a state of No profit and No loss, No anger and No sympathy ......Just a zeal to find, a Voyage into the deep merge unify with the ultimate.

  • Sanjay Sir many a times we come across people in the midst of the problems but many have given up or resigned to the fact that it is the wish of Divine and they can do nothing to improve their situation. They believe this is what Divine wants for them.
    Please explain how do we know it is the will of the Divine?Is it as simple as our efforts not paying off or results going the other way?What then is letting the Universe follow its own course as is said very often?

  • @Suchita, your quarry is a very interesting question which has kept many of us confused for quite some time. But to know about it, we should know some hard facts and the strongest among it is that Scriptures, Books and even Religion is man-made. We have created it for the benefit of human being. As our Scriptures are set of knowledge in various walks of life including society, politics, medicine and ethics, Religion is a set of rules binding us to guard our virtues. All are gift of God but human creation. God has perceived the universe in its most perfect state and gifted it to us with a simple principle- "You get whatever You do". Only this is Divine's Will.

    Here it is interesting to state that there is nothing more which we can assign as a Divine's Will. Existing in the most perfect matrix of God, we reap as we sow. Our achievements and losses are results of the mechanism in which we have come to this world. In other words, we all have taken birth at a certain time and astral situation. These planetary situation and movements, generally influence our life. Astrology and allied studies have come into being because of this mechanism. From olden times, our mind has been trained to accept our misfortunes as God's will. It is not, but it gives consolation to our mind so that we may move on. Actually, the schedule of our life is called our Destiny which is a specific set-up of happenings in one's life. It cannot be re-written but surely can be re-routed.

    Therefore, people who sit back thinking that whatever has happened is Divine's will, may never rise or gain effortlessly as per their destiny (you must have heard of Windfall gains). But then again who knows the future. People who are dejected because their efforts are not getting them results may attract more misfortune by the virtue of LOA. But just give a thought, did we always hit a bulls-eye in every shot? No, we don't. Life is a series of trials and errors. Even God incarnated had to undergo turmoils and we are no Jackpot Jacks.

    It is my opinion that there is nothing as God's will. HE always blesses us to be prosperous and happy. But by the virtue of our own mindsets, people associated with us and circumstantial attributes, we confront misfortunes. Some blame the Divine and others console themselves as HIS will.

  • Wow ..gratitudes sir
    This is beautiful explanation for the interesting query.
    It is so knowledgeable and spiritual to read your writings sir .
    Thankyou so much sir , i am getting huge vibrations by just reading all the discussion .
  • Thanks for your Thanks Puneet, but all glories to Sharat Sir.

  • Thank you Sanjay sir. Your answers are always awaited and I always look forward to your views on different aspects .
  • @Lakshika - Supportive VK Teacher @SHUCHITA - Supportive VK Teacher

    You can now use BALANCE SERUM to harmonise mind, body and soul.
    This will help to accept the present moment and surrender while you work with VK.

  • Thank you so much .
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