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VK Protection of black magic

Why VK s didn't protect me against black magic?! If at all protected VKs protection was not sufficient against that negative energy?!


  • I knew about three years ago that I was under effect of black magic, back then I took Hanuman chalisa and I completely forgot about it. Again recently came to know that black magic is not broken, it is still there. So, I wonder how come VKs didn't protect me against that?!
  • @Brightlife888
    If you know you are affected by black magic then should continue with Hanuman Chalisa and Shield of 7 rays and all clear serum regularly.

    Regarding protection
    When VK users wear VK there is a constant supply of cosmic energy and it helps in many ways including protection.

    But it also works on your intentions which may relate to your material and health desires.
    If there is intense attack on your soul one can be alert to keep sending energies more frequently and also keep checking presence thru VK charged Hanuman Chalisa energy.

    So if a bike rider drives through the mountains by wearing a helmet. He would still take precautions and be alert of dangers.

    Rather than thinking why VK didnt protect think why did you forget to request SHIELD frequently.

    Based on experiences i can also tell you that when bm is high it tries to rule on your mind and body too along with soul. Here the negative energies try to rule. Now it depends what is allowed to win. When there is more danger its obvious to use more protection. Increase the positive force and bring down that negativity.
  • I thought bm was not there any more, so I didn't take Hanuman chalisa, I used to take shield of seven rays mng and night, negativity must have been more then!
  • Thank you for the reply
  • Mam, is there any. Possibility that u are under the effect of bm but when u have Hanuman chalisa charged water, water tastes normal?!
  • @Brightlife888
    It is recommended to test frequently if you have a doubt. It may happen that with continuous healing with VK, the effect of bm may reduce and vanish. So water will taste normal. But if anyone is again preparing to do Bm, the attack may be on the way. Thats why Sharat Sir guides to take VK charged HC water along with SHIELD OF 7 RAYS and if required ALL CLEAR SERUM too continuously if there is a suspected evil influence or previous known attacks.

  • Sorry mam, not satisfied with your answer, am taking HC charged water, it's tasting normal, but the impressions of that black magic on my body are increasing. If water is treating normal, that means am not under effect at the time of consuming that water, then why these marks on body
  • Sorry I need a solution very badly
  • @Brightlife888
    In your second comment in this discussion thread you have written
    "Again recently came to know that black magic is not broken, it is still there."

    How did you come to know about it???

    What marks on body are you referring in your last comment.
  • @Brightlife888 golden sunrise.when you have VK,just follow one school.if you take advises from many you spoil the soup!!Hanuman chalisa is good energy even if you don't have black magic take it with vk, you never know how many evil eyes are on you.

  • edited March 2020
    @Brightlife888 , your marks might be due to some skin or internal problem, plz dont consider and connect your issue with black magic always. Think out of the box. Some people mislead you to black magic out of their lack of knowledge or wanting money from you. In your case, this time only you can judge your problems after doing given advice in above comments. If you are still not satisfied with our answers then please do some experiments in your own ways and share your VK successes or failures with us. We will guide and help you further. Have a Golden Sunrise life ahead.
  • Sir, marks are related to black magic sir, the one who told me this is a genuine healer, she didn't take any advantage of this or misusing me. I have been taking Hanuman chalisa+ ACS+ SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS for the last five to six weeks. And sprinkling this water in home and giving this energy directly to home for the last three weeks. Three days ago installed VS at home, I kept in my room, because I was feeling all the negative energy in there, the first day I installed VS at my home, yes I felt shift in energy in my room, felt cool in my room. But, the next two days, IAM feeling again negative energy and the marks that are over my body are there on floor of the room.. Those marks are increasing on the room floor! Hanuman chalisa energy to home I have been giving minimum 4 times a day or more,
  • Water is tasting bitter, sometimes more sometimes very less that could not even recognize that it's bitter
  • Taking Hanuman chalisa and shield of seven rays water every five to ten minutes, taking mood up serum and bravo serum too.
  • I know should be positive, I have been reassuring myself to stay strong, but it seems like I have touched a bee best, have been asking VK to get me out of this, praying, no sleep since one n half month, I can't be more positive seeing all these impressions all over the floor of my room, I need help
  • Sir Please reply
  • @Brightlife888
    Regarding bitter taste of VK charged HANUMAN CHALISA water, it is already guided in the article that one can continue healing with ALL CLEAR SERUM + HANUMAN CHALISA + SHIELD OF 7 RAYS. you may please follow the article.

    Regarding VIBBES SEEDER, it has been observed in few cases where Vibbes Seeder was installed, the energy shift was happening. If there is too much negativity at home, the negativity tries to win over or dominate over positive energies from VS. In these cases it was observed that people staying in such home suddenly started acting aggressively without awareness due to dominating negative energy. The energy balancing and shift to positivity took some time, and then the same people got back in normal good energy and behaviours.
    Within seconds after installation, VS starts emiting its powerful energies. But if there is too much negativity, it will take time to balance energies and move to a positive energy.

    You instantly felt the change on first day as suddenly you came in contact with high positive energy from VS.
    Maybe at your place also, the energy shift is taking place. You can charge your main drinking water tank using VK with Hanuman Chalisa + Shield of 7 rays, so that all habitants remain energised. If required you can add ALL CLEAR SERUM.

    Take care.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE blessings to you

  • thank you ma'am hopefully it will come to an end very soon
  • One doubt, vs is not placed infront of the mirror, but vs's reflection padthi Hain mirror me, though I cover the mirror with cloth but I have this doubt, can it be placed like that, please thank you
  • @Brightlife888
    Its a wrong placement if VS reflection is on mirror.
    Instead of covering mirror with cloth, shift the VS to a new position
    You may write to [email protected] for more instructions on placement sharing pic of your home.
  • Do you use hair color?
  • I need to help I need answers to these scars sharat sir requesting you
  • Am I missing anything according to all you knowledged people sir all Lorain form teachers am I missing anything because since February I think am asking for help n in July also I asked but I got the "simple"question do you use hair color I said no and after that nothing. IAM sorry all teachers am I missing anything am not complaining am asking am I not able to see anything am not seeing knowing something you are knowledged people so am asking for help humbly requesting
  • Am sorry if I had talked anything wrong it's ok if teachers don't want to help koi help Karne ka wada to nahi ki na mujhe message Karne ka tym bhi to milna chahiye and am not understanding something that u people are seeing or else jispe bidti Hain usiko samajg ati Hain . Dono me see ek Hain . Maafi if I talked anything wrong thank you for vk.
  • @Brightlife888

    How many people do you follow for guidance?
    And when was your question not answered. Scroll up your comments and plz check answers from Sir and me.

    Regarding that question in July to me. You wrote to me on my personal chat, so Sir asked you that question on hair colour on forum.

    You have been guided on VK and VS instantly.

    And you must understand that you just posted thrice in 2 hrs today, please receive answers with patience.

    Its not that we are bound or not bound to answer your questions, you must check all the discussions on this forum including your questions and see how we have supported every VK user.

    There is so much information on each aspect including black magic and skin issues on litairian website, but still we are answering you again and again.
    But you must decide to follow one school of thought either SHARAT SIR or that other genuine healer whom you mentioned above!!

    I feel you are getting confused.

    Now please post your question clearly and only if you want to follow the guidance here.

  • There are several different causes of dark spots:

    1. Sun damage: people can develop dark spots on their skin after being exposed to the sun or tanning beds.

    2. Hormonal changes: melasma is a skin condition that leads to small patches of skin discoloration. The condition is more common in women.

    3. Medication side effects: certain medications can increase skin pigmentation and lead to dark spots. The most common culprits are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), tetracyclines, and psychotropic drugs.

    4. Inflammation: dark spots can develop after a bout of inflammation on the skin. Inflammation may occur for various reasons that include eczema, psoriasis, injury to the skin, and acne.

    5. Wound healing: dark spots may remain after an insect bite, burn, or cut heals. These may fade with time.

    6. Irritation: cosmetic skin or hair products can irritate the skin, causing dark patches to form.

    7. Diabetes: diabetes can cause areas of the skin to become darker. Conditions associated with diabetes include acanthosis nigricans, which causes darkened, velvety skin, and shin spots or diabetic dermopathy, which people may confuse with age spots.

    I have mentioned 7 reasons of dark spots on the skin above. Please corelate with your physician too.

    Maybe your known healer is a genuine person but how to know he/she has a complete knowledge of the subject.

    For a healer or astrologer or a medium guide, it is always very easy to blame bad karmas, bad planets, some black magic, evil eye, devi dosha and vaastu dosha for ypur problems.

    Maybe they have less knowledge or maybe they dont want to get 360° knowledge or maybe they are not ready to come out from their reediouclus mental circles (boundaries), they do not guide perfectly always.

    I always got 100% results from Hanuman Chalisa water in the case of BM. If you are not getting any taste different then you need to think differently now.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to you to find right answer.
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