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Stuck money received with VK using Total wealth serum and EFT to wealth blockages

edited February 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
My friend's husband's money was stuck up with some companies for whom he had done projects. One evening, she asked me to pray for him as those people were not even responding to his calls and it was affecting his health. So on reaching home, I requested VK to send the energies of GOLDEN SUNRISE, TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, EFT to clear wealth blockages, ALL CLEAR SERUM & SHIELD OF 7 RAYS in 1st request and GOLDEN SUNRISE, PERFECT HEALTH SERUM, CALM DOWN SERUM in 2nd request. I did it only once. Next day morning my friend called me, she was so happy and was thanking me for doing prayers. She told me that those people called up her husband and asked him to come within a week with bills to collect his money. Thank you Sharat Sir for this wonderful VK.


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