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VK Tip 136 : How to Treat Bad Dreams with VK

edited February 2020 in VK TIPS

Golden Sunrise.

I am regular doing meditation and by the grace of GOD mostly 75% of dreams which i saw very next day i found true but the characters are change rest of it remain same. Some time there is very good dream and some time i saw very horrible and bad dream and after seeing that bad dreams i was always tense and trying to find out a way to stop the thing which i saw but i can not do any thing accept praying and at last the dreams go true and i face trouble.

One night i saw also a bad dream and VK was under my pillow. The same time i got an idea i request
Dear VK, Kindly please send Divine Blessing to my this dream + ACS to negative effect of dream to positive + So7R to protect against the side effect or bad thing going to be happen is shown me in dream. and the result was amazing that from that day i am using this with my dreams and what i saw in my bad dreams happen in a very positive way that surprise me always.

Golden Sunrise & Thanks to sharat sir given us such a great invention. God Bless you.


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