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VK Tip 135: Full Marks Scored in Practical Exam (VK Healing Posters on Phone)

edited February 2020 in VK TIPS


I prepared VK healing posters in my phone using pic making apps and activated this healing in VK boost method for my son's practical examinations. Divine VK's helped my son in scoring full marks in both physics and chemistry subjects.
I prepared posters with energy names related to his studies and numbered them.

My request to VK was ..."VK please activate all healings for my son's exam in (name of the folder) in my phone's gallery"
I have given serial numbers to my posters that I can activate that particular healing......
for example, "VK please active healing number 2 in (name of the folder) in my phone's gallery"

Thank you Sharat sir for Divine VK
Thank you VK forum
Thank you Rakhi madam


  • Very excellent tip. Thanks for sharing.
  • Thank you very much sir
  • Innovative Tip
  • @Madhursr very nice ideated vk tip.i follow your ideas on fb group also.thank you.golden sunrise to you

  • @Madhursr
    WOW. Very nice images you have prepared with GOLDEN SUNRISE background. Excellent vk tip. Thanks for sharing.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your VK experiments. Golden sunrise blessings to your son.

  • Wow wonderful VK Tip thanks for sharing
  • Wow What an awesome sharing
  • Woww superb tips for all kids
  • Golden Sunrise
    Wow this is really Awesome Thank You from r such a creative way to use VK and Golden Sunrise Image

    This makes it really simple

    Thank You Madhu Mam

    Thank You SHARAT Sir for such a great tool VK

    Gratitude to Team Litrarian

    Golden Sunrise
  • Thanks for timely divine sharing , I wrote down 'VK Please activate all healings for (my friend)' exam in SCRUM Master. Activate healing GOLDEN SUNRISE, STUDY SERUM, BRAIN SERUM. BEAUTY SERUM for doing efficiently smoothly securely safely 99-100 marks. Activate energies of SUCCESS GOLDEN SUNRISE , 100% Total Recall Memory. I wrote on Sunday and Tuesday he took the exam passed with 49/50 =98% mark. Thank you dearest Sharat Sir for his care towards humanity and VK family, teachers for sharing all success here and now.
  • Wow wonderful results congratulations to your friend.
    Thankyou for Sharing your VK experience.
  • Bravo!! Good job and creative thinking! I salute!

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