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Clearance of sore throat with VK using Cosmic serum water & EFT

edited August 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Once My niece was having sore throat at the time of her final graduation exams and medicines were not giving her immediate relief. So she call me up and requested for some healing energies, I asked her to send me pic of water bottle filled with water. I charged bottle with energies of Golden Sunrise, ENT Serum, ALL CLEAR Serum, EFT for ENT system to clear congestion from chest and throat & IMMUNE Serum.

And asked her to sip of water every 15 min. Next day I called her to get the update, she was happy that her throat was cleared completely, so asked her to continue with charged water for complete clearance.
Thank you Divine for gift of VK, Thank you Sharat Sir.


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