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VK Tip 134 : Bring Glow to your face use ICE CUBES charged with VK

edited February 2020 in VK TIPS

As i have to drive to my work place on scooty, I am suffering from dullness and tanning .... so i thought of using ice cubes as one of my remedies
As rubbing of Ice cubes on face helps in facilitating blood circulation, glow, reducing appearance of wrinkles and promote ageing, for Acne ..etc.

I filled a bottle with plain water and charged this water with ALL CLEAR SERUM+BEAUTY SERUM+energies POTATO JUICE+energies ALOE VERA GEL+energies of LEMON JUICE(as VK can easily mimick anything i have used this potato, lemon juices and aloe vera) poured this water in ice tray and made ice cubes. From 8 days i am rubbing this ice cubes on my face ...i got brightness with instant glow on my face back again.

Thank you Sharat sir for Divine VK bringing beauty in our lives in a magical way.

We can enhance the effect of ice cubes by charging with COSMIC SERUMS or any positive words like GLOW, WOW, GORGEOUS...
and also infuse energies of any fruit juices, green tea, turmeric,saffron etc.

Thank you Divine VK
Thank you VK forum
Thank you Rakhi madam


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