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Dye gray hair

Golden Sunrise,

Is there a way to Dye gray hair with VK? If so, how could be done? I have had grey hair since I was 17 and have to dye every month since. I'm 47 now and I really want to have a permanent solution.



  • @ariel_tecpatl
    You can charge your hair colour with BEAUTY SERUM and ALPHA WOMAN/MALE SERUM(as applicable) with intention that it should stay for longer time on your hair. You can even charge it with SHIELD OF 7 RAYS.

    You can use BEAUTY SERUM for your hair products for healthy hair.

    Hair greying at an early age can be due to stress or hormonal disturbance or sometimes hereditary. If possible, work on the cause for healthy beautiful hair.

  • Thank you so much for your reply, in my case it is hereditary. My granpa had his hair completely white/silver when he was 30.

    I will procede as to mention.
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