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VK TIP 133 : How to Build Your Immunity?

edited May 6 in VK TIPS

What can you do as a VK user? Here is a simple VK Tip:

  • It is good to build a strong immunity by energizing your immune system. Use IMMUNE SERUM daily and regularly.
  • For specific organs, use specific Cosmic Serum
  • To keep your ears, nose throat, respiratory system strong and healthy, add ENT SERUM.
  • To keep your stomach,liver,digestive system strong and healthy, add DIGEE SERUM.
  • In case of skin infections, you can add BEAUTY SERUM.
  • For reproductive system, use FEM SERUM or MEN SERUM.
  • If there is an infection already, take advantage of mimicking features of VK, so add the energy of ZAPPER HEALING 9 Volts 10 kilohertz with the intention of safety and security. So even if you have any infection coming, it will help to fight it.
  • If you feel fearful or panicky with daily news, you must take SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for protection by a direct request to VK.

So your combination is Immune Serum + Organ Specific Cosmic Serum + Shield of Seven Rays + Energy of Zapper Healing 9 Volts 10 kilohertz but you can add other Cosmic Serums as per need.

You can take this combination by charging drinking water or by direct request using VK. You can give the same combination to your family members or any other person or to the whole world.

For healing, frequency refers to the Basics of VK Post 13.


Building strong immunity with Cosmic Serums and VK


  • Thank You and Golden Sunrise @SharatSir Ji

    Thank you very much sir
  • Thank you Sir.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Sir for great gift of Vk which help us in all situation of our life. Thanks.

  • Golden Sunrise,to Sharat Sir's Divine Thought and Divine V K
  • Thankyou Sir for the VK tip for crisis healing
  • Thankyou Sir .Golden Sunrise.
  • Thank you Sir Golden Sunrise.
  • Thank very much Sir for being so kind for VK members. Golden Sunrise & heartily Gratitude to you.
  • Golden Sunrise Divine thank you for always being so thoughtful of your VK family. Thank u for your love and concern. Thank u for my VK JUBILANT being in my life.????????
  • Thanks a lot sir...
    Golden SUNRISE
  • Thank you Sir Very much
  • Thank you sir
  • A very good step towards mankind
    GOD bless you
  • Thankyou Sir
  • Golden Sunrise Sharat sir, for wonderful thought of Planet healing,my gratitude to you Sir.
    Sir,i wish to share these energies to some senior citizen groups.
    can I do so?
    Everyday i am sending healing energies as earlier to planet earth by June sis,supported by You and Rakhi madam
  • Pl read as. Kinesis.
  • @Shirish ji
    You can share with all VK users anytime about VK tips. Thank you for your efforts

  • Please read by Kinesis
  • Thank you very much sir. Very useful for all
  • Thank you Sir
  • Golden sunrise. Thank you sir
  • Golden Sunrise... Thankyou so much Sir
  • CeeCee
    edited March 2020
    1. Are we VK users using these 4 serums: Immune; ENT serum; SoSR serum; and Energy of Zapper Healing 9 Volts 10 kilohertz everyday for ourselves and family and friends ?
    2. What is daily prayer for all of world ?
    3. Where do I find global healing session information ?
    4.What do we do or say for 15 minutes a day for this global healing session?
    Golden Sunrise Divine Soul
  • I am adding Energy of Hanuman chalisa in my morning breakfast tea and water. In afternoon lunch I add balance serum with the above combination. For dinner I ask VK to mimic the energy of Maha mrutyunjay mantra and it's been a week and I am actually seeing my immunity and health is good. God bless Sir and VK.
  • @Cee

    1. Yes
    2. Healthy joyful life for all human beings, animals, birds. Love to Mother Earth
      3, 4. You may chant GOLDEN SUNRISE with VK for whole world with intention stated in point 2 as much as you can throughout the day
  • @Shrinath
    Thank you for sharing your ways and experiences with VK.Nice way to energise foods through the day.

  • Thank You Sir
  • Thank you Sharat sir,
    Immunity is valuable in this Corona Virus Infection.
    Thank you n Golden Sunrise.

  • @SharatSir ,


    This tip has given me a great relief in this corona virus crisis period. I am using this combination daily and regularly for me, family and also to all the people in the world.

    During lock down, I am requesting VK for this IMMUNITY combination just before going out for essential things.

    This tip keeps all VK users healthy without any fear or panicky as more doctors are advising people to increase their IMMUNITY as there is no medicine for corona virus.

    GRATITUDE to SHARAT SIR for important posts on 15 IMMUNITY BOOSTING FOODS, JUICES, VITAMINS, GRAPES and foods not to eat.

    NOW and in FUTURE also STRONG IMMUNITY only can save all of us.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts and services to HUMANITY sir.

  • So can we use zapper healing more number of times in a day just like how we use serums as per the intensity of problem and vk basics ?
  • Thanks a lot
  • Thank you Sir for sharing this wonderful is the need of hour now for everyone.
  • Golden Sunrise

    I have used this combination for building Immunity, and it really helps.

    Golden Sunrise3
    ENT Serum
    Immune Serum3
    Energy of Nilavembu Kashayam with safety & security
    Energy of Simha Kriya with safety & security*3

    Nilavembu Kashayam = Nilavembu Kashayam is an effective way to empower your immune system naturally. This potent herbal decoction is a time tested Siddha recipe used as a remedy for fever, joint pain and its ability to keep various infections at bay.

    Simha Kriya (taught by Sadhguru for increasing lung capacity & improving immunity.

    Heartfelt gratitude to Sharat Sir & Divine VK

  • Golden Sunrise... I am new vk user... So to build immunity I need to send this combination to each member separately? And can I give this to my 3 yr old daughter too? How many combinations can v give together?

  • @Rashi
    You can give energies to anyone. For questions related to procedures of VK, please read the posts on BASICS OF VK on this forum. You will get all the answers. As a new user give yourself time to read on BASICS.
    And watch videos in this link
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher thank you mam... For charging water I have doubt.. Should I say all serum name together and put on water container? Or should I say one by one serum name and put on water container?

  • @Rashi
    Check the videos for these questions. Its explained well. Link already posted for you
  • Ji mam ..thank u
  • Thank you
  • Beautiful thank you for sharing
  • If on Energy circle names aren't added would it help with intention from distance with VK ...
  • Thank You So So Much for all most valuable information Knowledge for our lives. We are blessed ????Thank you Sir Ji,
    Thank you Rakhi Ji????
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