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How to get Head massage Effect with VK

edited November 2017 in Mimicking Discussion

Few days back i requested for head massage with castor oil with vk..but didnt feel that, hairs were seeming more dry....why is it that some people feel the pressure and effects of the same and other dont ?


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Lakshika,
    Maybe Castor oil does not suit you. It is known to reduce natural excess oil from scalp. If your scalp is not oily, it will give you dryness.
    So when you choose to mimic any therapy with VK , please choose the right therapy for you.
    If you request to ACTIVATE THE SESSION OF HEAD MASSAGE, you may feel the pressure of massage.

    If you request the EFFECT OF HEAD MASSAGE, it may give you final effect, in your case its given you dryness in hair.

    Thank You

  • Thanks a lot

  • Thank you for your thanks

  • Lakshika try mimicking with eggs or yoghurt for your hair and feel the difference. There are many herbs also that you could try with safety and security. Energy of Onion juice makes my hair too soft and silky which I dont like so I balance it with energy of bhringraj which gives me volume. Different herbs have different effect on your hair. Keep experimenting and see what suits you.

  • Thank you Suchita for sharing your experiences

  • Thank you for your thanks.

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