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VK Tip 132 : Remove Negativity from Infected Rooms by Charging Fans With VK

edited February 2020 in VK TIPS

Golden Sunrise.

I experience with numbers of peoples are facing negativity issue in their home so i use Vk as Dear VK kindly En light the room FAN with "All Clear Serum" + "Balance Serum" +"Love Serum" + "Mood Up Serum" + "Golden Sunrise" with intention that this fan will spread air of Love which will remove all kind of negativity good & healthy relation with each other.

I found 100% result for above mention. where i feel too much negativity i used to do daily for 1 week for that particular place, after twice a week then once a week then once a month and those persons are gradually coming out of there negetive emotions and stress which they feel every time.

Thanks Sharat Sir, Golden Sunrise to your efforts. God Bless you.


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