Protect Investment and Profit


I need your valuable guidance on the money matters. I have started a business and working on it for past few months now. I make different strategies to be successful. I have had my share of luck where in I invested and have got good profits. But what really is happening is whatever the profits I earned all the profits is lost due to some mistakes, fear or wrong strategies or move and even the principal amount goes.

As a result I have to put in more money and I get profit and then all the money is gone. I want to protect all the profits earned along with the principal money. I have been brainstorming a lot so that I can come up with a good strategy. Every time I make a strategy it looks promising on the paper but due to heavy losses I am always in this thinking mode.

I am using Golden Sunrise and SO7R to my investment and profits. Is there anything else I can do. Please enlighten me.

Thank you for going through my post.



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