VK and Magic Spells, Mimicking VAN VAN oil in a Roll on bottle

Golden Sunrise to all

I am very much interested in Magic

Some people might think it's negative to do spells but Magic is like manipulation of energy to achieve ur desires

So there r many ways to do Magic like herb magic jar magic tarot card magic candle magic etc

There r many tools used to make magic successful one of the potent tools of magic is oils there are many oils which is used in magic these oils r made with the combination of many herbs and it has multiple uses

It is called as Van Van Oil

The uses r as follows

To attract Money
Drawing luck
Attract Love
Road Opener ( removes obstacles and gives new opportunities )
Removal of Black Magic
Repellent of malevolent Magic

Think of it as extra pintch of Luck and Protection energies

So u can buy it from a expert magician and u use it by takeing some oil then
apply it to ur money
u can apply it to ur coller
Or hands
or wrists
or behind ears
apply it on ur forehead
apply it to throat

So what I did is I took the small roll on bottle I filled it with water charged the water with energies of Van Van Oil and I always keep it by my side when ever I have a important work or meeting or I feel negative or dull i take the roll on out put it on my finger and then apply it on my forehead u will feel Negativity diperse from u

Prolong use can lead to opportunities positivity happiness and protection

It's expensive oil market value is 1500/- for 10ml

This is really good one just try it

Thank You SHARAT Sir for inventing the Divine tool named as VK which is filling out life with Magic

Thank Rakhi Mam and Team Litrarian for sharing ur insights and guidence to me


Golden Sunrise


  • Thank you for the above guidance . Have you tried it with directly passing it to you
  • Golden Sunrise Mam

    Thank You Mam for encouraging me

    Yes I am useing it regularly for my benifit it's has very positive effects on me that is why I am sharing it

    Thank You SHARAT Sir for Divine invention VK

    Thank You Rakhi Mam and Team Litrarian for all support and encouragement

    Golden Sunrise
  • @Krishnaguntupalli
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Wow. I loved your idea of using RollOn bottle with VK charged water. Thank you for sharing your experience with Van van oil mimicking. New learning with Rollon.

  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam

    Thank You Mam for ur continueous support and encouragement

    This all due to VK it is has so much potential Mam

    Thank You SHARAT Sir for inventing VK

    Thank You Team Litrarian for helping me


    Golden Sunrise
  • Awesome post Thankyou for sharing your such an inspiring post.
    Gratitudes to SharatSir
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