Mimicking the Reiki Vedios from YouTube

Golden Sunrise to all

I was browsing through YouTube related to reiki when I accidentally stumbled upon a channel which provides many vedios which when u watch the reiki will flow to u there are many vedios for specific purposes like manifest money to gain success to achieve luck etc

So I mimicked the ENERGIES of vedio and presto the vedios were mimicked through water chargeing method these are really Brilliant vedios the channel name is DIVINE WHITE LIGHT

there r some beautiful vedio topics that I want to share if want more u can visit the channels and start mimicking the ENERGIES of vedios through VK

The topics r as follows

Reiki for Success vedio
Reiki for Manifesting Positive Outcomes vedio
Reiki to Release Emotional Pains vedio
Reiki to dovelop Mindfulness vedio
Reiki to attract true love vedio
Reiki to Raise Vibration vedio
Reiki for abundance vedio
Reiki for Kundalini Awakening vedio
Reiki for Achieving Goals vedio
Reiki for Spiritual Awakening vedio
Reiki for Manifesting vedio
Reiki for Financial Freedom vedio
Reiki to attract and manifest Money vedio
Reiki for breaking free from negative cycles and patterns vedio
Reiki to strengthen Immune system vedio
Reiki to clear Self Limiting Beleifs vedio
Reiki for studying Long Term Memory Retention and Recall vedio
Reiki to Access Inner Voice for Guidance vedio
Reiki to increase Self Love vedio
Reiki for Clearing Self Sabotage vedio
Reiki to Harmonize EMF vedio
Reiki to remove Curse and Spells vedio
Reiki to detach from the Outcome vedio
Reiki to release Negative Thoughts vedio
Reiki to overcome challenges vedio
Reiki to remove obstacles and blockages vedio
Reiki for Unconditional Love vedio

There r many more vedios in the channel and every vedio can be mimicked by VK

These energies can be use as a boost for ur or others healing purposes also u can also watch vedios dierectly in You Tube too

Thank You SHARAT Sir for creating VK it really is a boon in ones life

Thank You Rakhi Mam and Team Litrarian for creating and managing such platform


Golden Sunrise


  • Oh thats really amazing.thanks @Krishnaguntupalli

  • Golden Sunrise

    Thank You Naomi Mam for encouraging me fully very grateful

    Gratitude to the You Tube channel also for serving Man kind

    I love u my dearest friends VK

    Thank You SHARAT Sir for such a beautiful and powerful tool VK

    Thank You Rakhi Mam and Team Litrarian for their efforts to always guide me

    Golden Sunrise
  • Thanks... Wow.... Divine white light channel videos are highly effective...Their energy increases with divine vk...
    I got immediate relief from digestive issues with reiki video...
    Thanks again for sharing..
  • Golden Sunrise Aditya Sir

    Thank You for the encouragement and support and yes u have enhanced the effects by VK that is great I forgot to mention it

    Thanks again for helping me remember that

    Thank You SHARAT Sir for VK

    Love u my VKs u r awesome

    Thank Rakhi Mam and team Litrarian for ur guidence and support

    Golden Sunrise
  • Thanks @Krishnaguntupalli for sharing this.

    There are Many Videos by Sharat sir and specifically I want to Mention the KUNDALINI MEDITATION , it is in HINDI.

    You can try that Meditation, it is one of the best Meditations I have Seen on YOUTUBE.

  • Thanks@krishnaguntupalli for mimicking videos other than Shakat sir.
    How you mimicking,the way you requested VK,let us know.
    Golden Sunrise to all VK user
  • @Shirishji
    How did you request VK for mimicking Bariatric surgery?
  • Golden Sunrise to rakhi ji,
  • Golden Sunrise Shrish Sir

    Thank You encouraging me

    Golden Sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise Ashish Sir

    Have gone through the Vedio for Kundalini it was very beautiful meditation by SHARAT Sir

    Thank You for recommending me the Vedio

    Thank You SHARAT SIR for helping people in so many different ways in so many different levels

    Thank You team Litrarian

    Golden Sunrise
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