Release EMPHATHY and charging water at same time with VK

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Golden sunrise teachers...

Pls clarify whether we can charge water or do direct request in which release and charging both are included... Like i said Vk pls Release Ampathy on a water bottle and now I want to charge same water with gemstone energy then can i do both request in ssame bottle...
Vk pls Release ampathy×3 charge this water with PHS×3 and charge this water with energy of azurite ×3
Thank you


  • @Dolly

    What is RELEASE EMPATHY . Its also a request of healing. You are not releasing empathy from water when you charge it with VK. The person who drinks this charged water , will be helped to release that emotion called empathy.

    So though you request release emotion it will happen for person. Are you intending release of empathy from water? Or are you intending release empathy for energy receiver who drinks this water. Remember VK is an intentional tool !!
  • @Dolly just wanted to know how azurite energy will help in combination with releasing empathy?

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