Detection of Black Magic

Golden Sunrise

Their was my friend in a switch word group who was very disturbed mentally her emotions were very up and down after she chanting switch words also she didn't get any releif so I thought it was some confusion or she has some ADHD problem but I thought why not test for black magic too so I asked her to fill the bottle and drink the water normally and tell me the taste she said it's normal taste also asked if she felt any kind of discomfort she felt normal

Then I cahrged her 1 liter bottle around 4 mins with Hanuman Chalisa energy and All Clear Serum energies then msg her to drink from same bottle immidetaly she felt the water salty and uncomfortable

This really is an amazeing process which is fast effective and simple most of all releiaable process

Then I suggested her to do some Pooja for releif from black magic she felt very comfortable after doing Pooja

Thank You VK for helping some body in desperate need and making me a healer and problem solver

Thank You SHARAT SIR for ur beautiful invention VK

Thank You Rakhi Mam

Thank You team Litrarian

Golden Sunrise


  • A Big applaud to you @Krishnaguntupalli ji. It's impressive.

    Golden Sunrise to your efforts of helping in need.

    Thank You Sharat Sir.
    Thank You VKay.
    Thank You TEAM.

  • @Krishnaguntupalli
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Nice way to help your friend to detect bm by charging water with Hanuman Chalisa using VK. Here i wanted to share my view that its likely that your friend must have had the water which you charged 1 lit. And it must have helped to clear black magic. Good you suggested the pooja that helped her. And i want to share with you that VK charged Hanuman Chalisa water not only helps in detecting bm but is also a very effective remedy to remove black magic and ill-effects caused by its influence.
    So if you detect bm for anyone through VK charged Hanuman Chalisa water, the same water you can ask that affected person to drink to remove bm. You can also add ALL CLEAR SERUM to speed up bad energy clearing. You can also add SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to protect that person from further evil influence.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences that too in detail. Keep spreading happiness to many with your VK.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and sharing.
    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for gifting us VK and simple remedies with VK
  • Golden Sunrise

    Thank You Mam

    I only knew about detection through Facebook article I didn't knew that VK is helpful remove Black Magic through all clear serum this is really is a great day VK is really a 360 digree tool for Man kind

    It really makes me happy and proud

    All Clear Serum is awesome now I got 4 uses of it my both VK r awesome

    SHARAT Sir I bow to u from my heart

    Rakhi Mam thank you for pointing out another way to use VK thanks for guideing too

    I bless my both VK

    Thank You Team Litrarian

    Golden sunrise
  • @Krishnaguntupalli
    Another way to keep exploring VK is to read at least one article daily from litairian website, this will help you to get new ideas, new ways of using VK.

    After 4 yrs with VK, I still love to read VK and litairian articles even those which I read 4 yrs back, it gives me new strength and many new ideas.

  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam

    It's great Idea to read atleast one artical from website or forum

    Thank You very much for again switching on the idea bulb

    Golden Sunrise
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