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Protection, Cho Ku rei protects in Reiki, Am I safe while requesting VK to heal someone

Golden Sunrise

While doing reiki, we put protection over us with Cho Ku rei.. or imaginary shield .. Soo that no negative energy comes to us when healing someone .
While requesting VK to heal someone am I safe ??? Protected?? Or do I need to put shield n wait for 30 minutes .
Or is it fine that we r safe as VK is doing energy sending work
please answer this .


  • Please mention about ... Protection and cord cutting too
  • @Anusha11
    During reiki or other healing practice you are the energy channel and using own energy.
    while using VK it works as medium of energy person's energy is not used with VK. Healing with VK is 100% safe and no negative energy or other back effects on VK user.
    So there is no need of any ritual to follow as in reiki.

    We have SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS for protection every VK user must activate twice or as per need daily.
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher Thank you Soo much sir for your guidance . GOLDEN SUNRISE
  • Dear @Anusha11,

    Golden SunRise !!
    Adding to comments from Punit ji, I would like to opine a bit. VK is a divine tool and we all know it contains 11 powerful cosmic energies. I think that none of our worldly disorders or distress could be so awful that all the 11 energies need to be utilized. In fact, while healing, only 2-4 energies is more than enough to cure a person/situation, rest of the energies form a shell around the healer automatically, protecting him/her from any outer invasion of negative energies.

    Therefore, please do not worry about protection while healing and get distracted in mind. Mind is the player and navigator to VK. With VK in hand, you are already protected. Use Shield of 7 Rays over and above whenever you require more protection.

    Go ahead ........Happy Healing.....!!

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you Sir for sharing how VK energies are abundant when compared to most stressful needs of life.

    You can also read Side effects for Reiki Healers in this link, Sharat Sir explains about focus and energy suckers.

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