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Space Clearing my style, Reiki vacuum and other ways guided by Sir

Golden Sunrise my Friends

I am a keen follower of facebook posts of Citizen of Light I love the post and discussions going on there

On day I got a post on wealth in which u have to charge the water total wealth serum shreem mantra and emerald Crystal energies then u can drink water and u can sprinkle it around the house for abudence in ur space and inside u too

Due to which I sprinkled the water in house trust me it was a solid upsurge spike of energy in my house

So what I did I brought a spray bottle for 50 RS charged it with above energies and sprinkled 2 -3 times in the house and the house was filled with positivity

Then there are many negative energies r there in houses and removing negativity is important

So their is a healing modality called Reiki Vaccum it clenses the spaces with help of reiki

Now I charged the water with energies of Hanuman Chalisa, all clear serum, reiki Vaccum, total wealth serum, Gayatri mantra I I am still useing it in my house

Now I got the space Clearing articals as a broadcast message from Sir
U can go through it below

This is also awesome way to use use VK

Thank you SHARAT Sir for gifting a versatile tool called as VK which converts every negativity in positivity

Thank You
Golden Sunrise


  • @Krishnaguntupalli

    Wow. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing your experiences and ways. Sharat Sir has included this post also in the new article on space clearing with VK.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your experiments with VK

  • Golden Sunrise

    Thank You Mam

    All Gratitude to SHARAT Sir for inventing such a versatile tool which is also very easy to use

    Thank You Rakhi Mam
    Golden Sunrise
  • Wonderful experience thankyou for Sharing indeed it is good to be added in space clearing article.
    Keep motivating all of us with your experiences.
  • Golden Sunrise

    really I was mentioned in a articale it is awesome Sir I have checked it right now

    Rakhi Mam informed me on her but I didn't noticed

    Thanks to SHARAT Sir and VK for this is really a very happy and proud day for me

    I love team Litrarian

    Golden Sunrise
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