Karya siddhi Mantra and Ashwamedha Yagna and Vk

Golden Sunrise to all

VK is really amazeing healing modality it's versatility cannot be compared

The best of the feature is mimicking this is the best feature of VK

I like mantras and it's powers also big fan of yagnas and poojas

So in recent times I have came across Karya siddhi Mantras

In particular sudarshan karya siddhi mantra

I charged the water with VK and took four sips for three days

That time period no matter how odd the circumstances I overcame it it was very easy and I have done many work the best part there were no hurdles ( vighna in my work )
U think u plan u do and whole nature helps u achieve what u want u r very calm detached during ur work

So this mantra can be used when u have a very busy day or some important work to do

The best part is u can charge it with VK very easily

Many mantras in society are very very hidden we only know the name we don't even know the mantra I also don't remember the real mantra I only remembered the name that's all and it showed the effects

Thank you VK for ur versatility and more thank you VAk for ur ease and convinience of use u don't have to chant 125000 times not perform yagnas just a name the yagnas charge it with water and drink

Ashwamedha yagna was performed by many leaders and Aryans for becoming supreme ruler
Just drink that charged water twice u will feel ur leadership qualities rises u become calm and focused

Thank you SHARAT Sir for making these complex procedures so easy and so beautiful that even a small child can use insufficient knowledge is no barrier for our success it's really a miracle for me

Thank you Rakhi Mam for gudeing me

Thank you team Litrarian for always guideing and supporting me


  • @Krishnaguntupalli

    Wow. Another amazing experience with mimicking. Thank you for details and learning information shared.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your teachings
  • @Krishnaguntupalli , I happy to see that you are using VK so creatively. It is a learning for many VK users. Have a Golden Life Ahead.
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thank You SHARAT Sir it is really an great blessing to know u Sir I have utmost respect and love Thank You Sir for creating VK

    Golden Sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thank You Rakhi Mam for ur continueous encouragement

    All thanks to SHARAT SIR and his invention VK that it is helping me in all walks of life

    Golden Sunrise
  • Wow that's very creative.
    Thanks @Krishnaguntupalli Ji for sharing your creativity in VK healing process.

  • Golden Sunrise

    Thank You Anit Sir for encouraging me u r a great VK user too

    The VK is very easy to use advance tool by SHARAT Sir really amazed to have my VK

    Very grateful to SHARAT Sir

    Thank you
    Golden Sunrise
  • Respected Mentors
    I charge two bottles of water with Perfect Health Serum ,immune serum , Flab down serum and key pen serum and take it to my workplace for drinking.
    Is it right process?
    I am asking guidance because I read someone charges water twice a day.
  • Sorry for times
  • @kaberi
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Pl ask new question in a new post or discussion. You may ask in same post only when its related to main post. Once water is charged it can be used till its consumed. Wherever you read that its charged twice a day, pl ask in that post itself. Maybe the person was filling water twice a day so charged twice.
    For all VK procedures pl read posts on BASICS OF VK on this forum. Also watch the videos where its clearly explained how to charge water.
  • @Krishnaguntupalli - The mantra had to be recited for 125000 times so did you asked VK to mimick it for you for so many times by rotating over the water 15 rounds ? Or just wrote on paper and kept it ?

  • Golden Sunrise

    I am great fan of water chargeing method so what I did is I filled the bottle with water I hold my VK and said

    VK please activate to charge water inside this water bottle ( I looked at the water bottle ) with Sudarshan Karya Siddhi Mantra now

    And kept my VK aside for 2 minutes that's is all

    Now consume this water 3-4 times a day use it the more u use the powerful it gets

    I even don't know the what real mantra is just by name VK did it

    As I saw in in website that it should be given to u by guru then within 40 days u have to chant it 1,25,000 times then u have to perform yagas of 25,000 times in one day then when u want no obstacals u have to chant 108 times that day nothing will stop u

    Now with VK u don't have to do any thing u just take 2 minutes of ur time u r done

    By third day whatever I wanted came to me
    Like I went to shop for purchase of plumbing matarial for my house I was not able to locate it I asked the tea vendor an uncle guided me to shop came to shop with me to guide me I wanted a discount on the price I asked once I got the discount I wanted a rickshaw for the material to carry home the rickshaw Wala came to me and offered to carry the load to home all by himself a checking was happening by traffic police nobody stopped me

    This is one part of three days miracle ur hectic days will be so smooth u will not know at all how u became so productive

    Thank You SHARAT Sir for Divine invention VK

    Thank You my both VK for makeing my life exciting

    Thank Rakhi Mam and team Litrarian for helping to tap infinite potential of VK

    Golden Sunrise
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